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The PVN has a plan to invite 1,600 international petroleum experts to Vietnam

 - In the near future, Vietnam Oil and Gas Group (PVN) has a plan to invite 1,600 international high-tech oil and gas experts to Vietnam to carry out the key projects deploying in situation of Covid-19 pandemic.


The above information was given at the meeting between Vietnam Airlines Corporation (Vietnam Airlines - VNA) and PVN for discussions about support mechanism to transfer the petroleum contractors from abroad to Vietnam for speeding up the schedule progress of the projects of PVN.

At the meeting, PVN asked VNA to have a "specific mechanism" to transfer the experts from abroad to Vietnam, with a safety assurance in accordance with the instructions of the National Steering Committee on  Covid-19 Epidemic Prevention, as well as with other regulations at the present.

Besides, PVN and VNA also discussed about the  solutions to solve difficulties in supplying flight fuel from PVN's refineries to VNA and in finance, cash flow, and in strengthening to create the conditions for PVN and VNA to use services of each other.

Mr. Duong Tri Thanh - VNA General Director highly appreciated the cooperation agreement between the two sides in recent years and thanked PVN and its member units for their support, assistance, facilitation and use of services of VNA and units in the context that both sides are facing difficulties due to Covid-19 pandemic. Mr. Thanh also committed to prioritize using the services of PVN, especially the priority to use domestic gasoline and oil from Dung Quat and Nghi Son Refineries.

On behalf of PVN leadership, Mr. Le Manh Hung - General Director committed to cooperate with VNA to overcome difficulties and to ask the competent authorities for considering and creating conditions for cooperation between the two parties to achieve high efficiency, promptly overcome the current crisis, and make momentum for the expansion of cooperation and development in the coming time.

In particular, PVN and VNA considered and discussed in detail the problems on sharing gasoline and oil inventories in the refineries of PVN, focusing on solving difficulties in payment and financial mechanisms (in 2020 and subsequent years) to ensure efficient operation of the two enterprises.



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