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Approving the National Planning Infrastructure reserve for the petrol, oil and gas in Vietnam

 - Deputy Prime Minister Tran Hong Ha has just signed Decision No. 861/QD-TTg dated July 18, 2023, approving the national planning infrastructure for reserving and supplying petrol, oil and gas (in the period 2021 - 2030, with a vision up to 2050).

The overall objective of the Planning is to develop the infrastructure system for reserving, and supplying petrol, oil and gas, which includes:

1/ The strategic reserve (national reserve).

2/ Reserving the production, trade, transport, circulation and distribution, to meet economic, technical and environmental criteria to ensure adequate, safe and continuous supply for socio-economic development, security and defense.

The above infrastructure must ensure the reserve capacity of crude oil and petroleum products nationwide to reach 75-80 days of net import, striving to achieve 90 days of net import and ensuring gas reserve capacity to meet domestic market demand, for energy and material gas for the industrial sector.

The decision clearly states the specific objectives of the reserve and supply infrastructure for petrol, oil and gas as follows:

- For the reserve infrastructure for petrol and oil to strive to ensure reserve infrastructure for the raw oil, material and production in accordance with the design of the plants producing and processing the petrol and oil operate stably with meeting at least 20 net import days in 2021 – 2030 period and 25 days after 2030.

- For the stable commercial reserve infrastructure in the domestic market with increasing capacity from 2,500.000 – 3,500.000 m3 in 2021-2030, and capacity up to 10,500.000 m3 after 2030, satisfying 30-35 days of net import.

- The National reserve infrastructure will ensure service capacity from 500.000 – 1,000.000 m3 of petrol, oil and 1,000.000 – 2,000.000 tons of crude oil and satisfying 15 – 20 of net import in 2021 – 2030 period and ensure the capacity from 500.000 -800.000 m3 of petrol and oil and 2,000.000 – 3,000.000 tons of crude oil with 25 -30 days of net import after 2030.

- For gas reserve infrastructure to strive to ensure LPG capacity of up to 800.000 tons in 2021 – 2030 period and 900.000 tons after 2030.

- Ensuring reserve infrastructure for LNG import ability for satisfying the market-consuming demand, contributing to ensuring material gas for energy and industrial sectors with 20 million tons/year in 2021 – 2030 period and 40 million tons /year after 2030.

For the infrastructure for supplying petrol, oil and gas:

Developing the infrastructure for supplying petrol, oil and gas to satisfy transportation demand by the pipeline from suppliers (the petroleum refinery plant, petrol and oil terminal warehouse, LPG distributing station and import LNG warehouse) to the consumers in industrial and civil centers.

The orientation to develop infrastructure of petrol and oil reserve and supply:

Constructing the system for reserving crude oil, and distributing petrol and oil products correlative with productivity and consumption of the regions, and localities with optimal costs, investment, management and operation.

Developing reserve infrastructure for crude oil, and oil materials for ensuring stable production, investment scale and progress suitable with design capacity and production plan.

Developing a new system for reserving petrol and oil with a scale suitable to the demand of each region, and locality for each period in the regions with an advantage on water deep ports, comfortable for connecting the supplying system in satisfying the commercial and national reserves.

Developing the large retail stores for petrol and oil in the new roads, and urban areas with a roadmap to reduce the small stores. Integrating utility services ( charge batteries, car repair and maintenance, automat selling, restaurants, convenience stores… ) in the progress of improving, upgrading and new constructing petrol and oil stores…

Orienting to develop infrastructure for gas reserve and supply.

Investing to construct a storage system synchronous with gas import-export, exploit and transportation and processing.

Investing to construct a storage system and pipeline for LNG and LPG from upstream to the consumers to meet the fuel demand for energy, fertilizer, industry, transportation and civil.




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