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BIENDONG POC has completed the plan for condensate exploitation in 2020

 - The East Sea Petroleum Operating Company (BIENDONG POC) informed that at 9:00 am on August 27, 2020, the company has officially finished 100% of the plan for condensate exploitation in 2020 with an "Early Finish" for 126 days.

In particular, since the commercial production date, BIENDONG POC has operated continuously and effectively with 2,878 safe working days, without any breakdown causing labor time index (LTI), the total recordable incident rate (TRIR) was 0 (compared with the target as <0.3) and there was no any problem affecting the environment.

This remarkable milestone is the result of the efforts of BIENDONG POC leadership and employees to overcome the great challenge in 2020 with a huge influence from the "double impact" caused by the Covid -19 pandemic and the prolonged deep fall in oil prices.

According to BIENDONG POC, from the beginning of the year, the Company held several meetings to assess and analyze the difficulties and challenges that may affect the production plan in 2020 such as: signs of gradual decrease of the wells, the knotty properties of Hai Thach and Moc Tinh fields, especially the problems of reservoir, condensate banking, water... as well as the equipment system after more than 7 years in operation, might be  maintained and replaced.

The company has implemented many important solutions such as: actively researching and offering solutions to ensure energy for these two fields operation; improving mining technology management capacity for ensuring the wells to work continuously increasing exploitation output, optimizing operation and maintenance, shortening maintenance time and controlling maintenance and repair quality of important equipment; maintaining the availability and reliability of the mining technology system at a high level.




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