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Ken Bau field - a Historical Discovery of Vietnam's oil and gas industry

 - Eni Vietnam B.V Operator has carried out 2 seam space test, collecting extensive data on fluid samples showing significant hydrocarbon accumulation at the Ken Bau discovery, estimated from 7 to 9 trillion cubic feet (TCF) of natural gas on the spot and about from 400 to 500 million of condensate barrels. The above oil and gas estimate reserve from 114- Ken Bau- 2X qualifying well is a historical discovery of the Vietnam Oil and Gas industry so far.

Drilling well KB-2X at Lot 114.

Block 114 is located offshore Vietnam's northern continental shelf of the Red River basin, in 65 km from Quang Tri Province   nearest mainland and about 86 km from Da Nang.

At present, the Block 114 is being in searching and exploring phase and its contract held by Eni Vietnam B.V as the Operator with 50% participation interest, and ESSAR E&P Ltd with 50% participation interest.  

According to the Vietnam Oil and Gas Group, in May 2019, the  114-Ken Bau-1X was opened to a depth of 3,603 meters,  where were all expected product seams with a good petroleum sign.

In 2020, the 114-Ken Bau-2X qualifying well was drilled in 2 km from the first 1X well, that was opened on February 29, 2020, and developed within 150 days to a depth of 3,690 meters and meeting a number of reservoir seams with a total thickness of 110 meters at many intervals in the Miocence sandstone.

Eni Vietnam B.V has carried out 2 seam space test and collected a lot of documents on fluid samples showing significant accumulation of hydrocarbons of Ken Bau discovery. With the results of the 114-Ken Bau-2X drilling well, PVN has completed its plan to increase reserves by 2020.

The results of 114-Ken Bau-1X  drilling wells in 2019 and 114-Ken Bau-2X in 2020 have affirmed the oil and gas system potential in the Ken Bau structural area in particular, Block 114 area and the neighboring blocks in general.

With this result, the Lot 114 PSC Contractors (Eni Vietnam BV and ESSAR E&P Ltd) are developing an overall assessment plan for the Ken Bau Discovery in the coming years and for exploratory drilling similar structures at the Contract BLock.

After that, Eni Vietnam B.V. will establish the reports on the reserve and development of the fields. It is expected that Ken Bau discovery can be put into operation from 2028. This is an extremely important premise for the further petroleum exploring and development activities at Block 114 and neighboring areas,  contributing to the strong development of the gas power industry and gas products in Quang Tri - Thua Thien Hue regions and Central Vietnam.



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