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Approving investment policy and investor for Ung Hoa 220kV transformer substation project and connection

 - Hanoi City People's Committee has just issued a Decision to approve the investment policy, and the investor for the Ung Hoa 220kV transformer station project and connection. The Hanoi City People's Committee selected the National Power Transmission Corporation as the Investor of the project.
Approving investment policy and investor for Ung Hoa 220kV transformer substation project and connection

The perspective of Ung Hoa 220 kV transformer station and connection lines.

The goal of this project is to increase the ability to meet the load requirements of Region IV in particular and Hanoi City in general.

- Support and reduce the load for Thuong Tin 220kV transformer substation and some neighboring 220kV Substations (Ha Dong, Phu Ly).

- Create strong connections between areas in the power system, increasing the safe and stable operation of the national power system.

- Increase power supply stability, reduce capacity and electricity losses in the power system and improve production and business efficiency of the Electricity of Vietnam.

The 750 MVA project includes 3 Transformers 220/110/22 kV with 250 MVA). The power grid will be the new 4 circuits with a length of 0,508 km and in this stage the two circuits for the 1 circuit by transition on the Ha Dong – Phu ly 220 kV existing line.

The capital investment of the project is 483,65 million VND, the operating term of the project is 50 years (from the date of receipting investment policy and investor ) and the project will be completed in Quarter 1/2026.

In the Investment Decision, Hanoi City People’s Committee required investors:

- The project can only be implemented after completing procedures on land, environment, traffic, planning and construction according to current regulations.

- Construction investment must be by the planning, architectural plan and approved investment project content, ensuring progress and quality.

- In the design and construction of works, advanced technology is used, saving land and being environmentally friendly...

- Implement appropriate construction measures to ensure safety for adjacent works and potentially affected works. other.

- Take responsibility when incidents occur during construction according to regulations.

- Fully fulfill financial obligations and other obligations to the state and the City by current laws.

- Ensure financial resources to implement investment projects according to the approved schedule.

- Develop capital mobilization plans by investment project implementation progress according to regulations and committed content.

- It is strictly prohibited to mobilize capital to implement investment projects in any form in contravention of the law.

- Implement and fully absorb notes and suggestions from departments and agencies. Hanoi assigned the People's Committee of Ung Hoa district during the process of project implementation and implementation to seriously implement supervision and reporting regime, investment supervision according to legal regulations on investment and current regulations. other state and city passengers. The investment project must not be transferred to another unit for implementation without approval from the competent authority

Assign the Departments of Planning and Investment, Planning, Architecture, Natural Resources and Environment, Construction, Industry and Trade, Transport, Science and Technology, and Finance, Ung Hoa District People's Committee, based on its functions and tasks, inspects, guides and resolves further implementation procedures of the project for investors according to current regulations of the state and the City, Implement the supervision content of state management agencies specialized as prescribed./.


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