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PEWG proposed EVN cooperate in fuel conversion for coal power plants

 - In Hanoi, Deputy General Director of the Electricity of Vietnam (EVN) Nguyen Tai Anh recently had a working meeting with the Electricity and Energy Group (PEWG) under the Vietnam Business Forum (VBF) on the cooperation in energy transition.

At the meeting, the Head of the Working Group introduced PEWG and the Group's activity programs in 2023 - 2024.

Mr. John Rockhold said that at present, the process of accessing clean energy, towards the commitment of net zero emissions in the countries is placing new requirements on the electricity industry. In Vietnam, PEWG wants to support EVN in transition fuel at thermal power plants to achieve goals according to Power Development Planning VIII and ensure national energy security.

The PEWG is also ready to share with EVN its professional experiences and technical and technological support during the energy transition process.

PEWG proposed EVN cooperate in fuel conversion for coal power plants
The electricity of Vietnam working with the Electricity and Energy Working Group of the Vietnam Business Forum on cooperation contents in the field of energy transition (November 20, 2023).

EVN Deputy General Director Nguyen Tai Anh respectfully thanked PEWG's support for the development of Vietnam's electricity industry. EVN is facing many challenges to ensure the electricity supply and to ensure sustainability in the energy transition process. To achieve the energy transition goal, EVN will need a lot of investment from domestic and foreign partners.

At the meeting, the two sides exchanged and discussed in detail relevant contents such as the power structure of power plants in Vietnam, EVN's activities and energy transition roadmap.

The two sides agreed to continue to develop a good cooperative relationship and strive to realize the contents of cooperation in the coming time.

The Vietnam Business Forum is a non-profit, non-political organization, acting as a representative for non-state enterprises to discuss policy, benefits, environmental, and legal issues... with the Government of Vietnam (represented by the Ministry of Planning and Investment). In particular, the Electricity and Energy Working Group (under VBF) focuses on policy activities for renewable energy and encouraging private investment in Vietnam's sustainable energy development. PEWG currently represents 200 members operating in the field of electricity and energy (including companies in the electricity industry, financial institutions, consulting companies...


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