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Successful launching the superstructure block of CTC-2 rig at Ca Tam field

 - At the construction site of Vietsovpetro Port, the Vietnam - Russia Joint Venture Vietsovpetro (NDH) has launched the superstructure block of Ca Tam 2 (CTC-2) rig for installation at the Ca Tam field in Lot 09-3/12, in about 160 km southeast of Vung Tau City.

At August 9, 2022 the superstructure block of CTC2 rig with the size of about 27 x 21.5 x 22 (length x width x height, m) and weight of about 737 tons (excluding 8 tons of the bridge and crane), has been successfully launched by VSP-05 barge a trailer for transportation.

The Vietsovpetro operator informed that after over 3 years operating at Lot 09-3/12, the construction of CTC-2 rig at Lot 09-3/12 marked a new development step of the General Contractor - LD Vietsovpetro in deploying the construction and installation of marine works and close cooperation with the Contractors in developing Ca Tam field. This event is a step forward in the plan to increase mining output at Ca Tam field and will contribute to production stabilization of Vietsovpetro in the coming years, and at the same time contribute to supplementing the State budget.

The CTC2 rig construction took place during the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic and the prestige influence conflict of the major countries in the world. However, Vietsovpetro flexibly operated and managed the project for adapting the changes. Moreover, this is also a Vietnam - Russia joint venture project that Vietsovpetro self-executed from design, procurement to construction and installation, marking the rapid development and growth of Vietsovpetro in constructing and developing petroleum fields.

Thanks to the attention of the Government, PVN has accelerated the approval of the project and with the collective efforts of the staff of Vietsovpetro and Sinh Hung, PVD Training subcontractors, the project was quickly deployed.

Successful launching the superstructure block of CTC-2 rig at Ca Tam field

Successfully launched and tied up the superstructure of Ca Tam 2 rig (Ca Tam field).

The Ca Tam field development project Lot 09-3/12 is one of the projects for developing outside Block 09.1 with that Vietsovpetro acts as the Operator. This is determined to be a key production activity of Vietsovpetro in the future - when the output of Bach Ho Lot 09.1 field is becoming exhausted.

According to the leaders of Vietsovpetro, the initial success of the CTC-2 superstructure block shows great efforts, high professionalism for overcoming difficulties and close cooperation of stakeholders, especially as Oil and Gas Contract Management Board, Project Management Board of Construction Enterprise (the construction unit), Institute of Scientific Research & Design (the technical design unit) belonged to Vietsovpetro.

According to the approved overall schedule, in the coming time, there a lot of works will be done for contracting CTC2 rig as transporting, offshore installing, connecting, test running and handing over it to the operator.

For Ca Tam 2 rig, beside the superstructure block successfully launched, there are still items as 733-ton base, 850-ton piles, 36-ton docking station, 70-ton leading bridge, for reforming Ca Tam rig 1 to connect to CTC-2.

Up to August 3, 2022, the CTC-2 project was performed with more than 500,000 safe hours, without any labor accidents. This is an important milestone, recognizing the efforts and professionalism of the employees involved in the project.

In the coming time, at the CTC-2 rig, there will be two continuous well drilling campaigns and the plan to put the rig into operation from December of this year for ensuring an output increase in the following years and bringing revenue to the state budget and investment profit for the contractor consortium of the Oil and Gas Product Sharing Contract of Lot 09-3/12.


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