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Andritz's leading role in Global pumped storage development

 - To promote the development of pumped storage hydropower globally, Andritz has simultaneously carried out a series of events in 2023, specifically: Signing a contract to supply equipment for the Amfilochia Pumped Storage Hydropower Plant Complex in Greece, Successfully synchronized grid connection of Unit 12, Phong Ninh II Energy Storage Plant in China and replaced Stator, Kühtai 1 Energy Storage Plant in Austria.

Greece - Amfilochia Pumped Storage Complex: Contract Awarding

Most recently, ANDRITZ has secured a contract from a Greek company, TERNA S.A., a construction branch of GEKTERNA Group, for supplying electromechanical equipment for the Amfilochia Pumped Storage Complex in Central Greece. It is the largest grid energy storage investment in Greece and a milestone project for the country’s clean energy transition.

It is expected that upon its commercial operation, the Complex will boast a total installed capacity of 680 MW for generation and 730 MW for pumping, producing an estimated 816 GWh of clean electrical energy annually. In addition, functioning as a “green” battery, it will balance power fluctuations from wind and solar plants, ensuring the stability of the Greek power grid.

Andritz's leading role in Global pumped storage development

ANDRITZ's role includes designing, manufacturing, and supervising of installation and commissioning of six reversible pump-turbine generator units, along with associated auxiliaries and ancillary equipment, governors, excitation and protection system, main inlet valves, draft tube gates as well as digital services.

China - Fengning II Project: Successful Synchronization of Unit 12

On December 10, 2023, ANDRITZ achieved a significant milestone with the successful synchronization of Unit 12 at Fengning Pumped Storage Power Station, located in Hebei Province, China.

Fengning Pumped Storage Power Station, featuring China's first two variable speed units of nominal generating capacity of 310 MW, witnessed steady installation progress since August 2022. The main installation work was completed within less than three months.

ANDRITZ is not only the equipment supplier for the first variable speed units in China but also the first manufacturer in China to take the lead in organizing various parties to carry out the wet commissioning, demonstrating our commitment to the project's success. The commissioning team, consisting of 18 Chinese and international commissioning engineers from ANDRITZ and 44 fellow commission engineers from four other companies, worked diligently, exhausted all resources, and collaborated on-site for five months to cover every task and complete the synchronization test of the first unit.

Andritz's leading role in Global pumped storage development

Despite the lack of experience in commissioning variable speed units in China, the dedicated joined team demonstrated great perseverance and team spirit, overcoming hardship and difficulties to achieve a phased victory. The synchronization test marked a key milestone of the project and instilled confidence for the subsequent commissioning phases.

Austria – Kühtai 1 Pumped Storage Power Plant: Two New Stators

The Austrian TIWAG (Tiroler Wasserkraft AG) is renewing two stators in the pumped storage power plant Kühtai 1. These generators, originally constructed between 1977 and 1981, were unique due to their extraordinary dimensions and material requirements at the time of their construction.

ANDRITZ awarded the tightly scheduled contract in September 2023, is tasked with dismantling the existing generators, installing two new stators and subsequent commissioning. The project also involves a redesigning of the generator components, serial ventilation updates, and external fan modification.

Andritz's leading role in Global pumped storage development

Located at an altitude of around 1900 meters, the plant is part of the Sellrain-Silz power plant group, comprising the underway Kühtai 2 PSPP and the Silz power plant located in the Inntal, Tyrol.

ANDRITZ's global ventures reflect our commitment to advancing clean and sustainable energy solutions, showcasing expertise and innovation in diverse projects worldwide.


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