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Goldwind is honored to receive the Turbine Technology Innovation of the Year award

 - Participating in the Awards Ceremony that took place in November 2023, Goldwind was excellently selected and honored for GWH182 in the Turbine Technology Innovation of the Year category. Considered a symbol of change and technological innovation for wind power turbines, this is the most prestigious award in the AWE exhibition – organized by Leader Associate - a global leading clean energy event organizer with businesses across 5 continents and over 20 countries worldwide.

This is a technology award that attracts hundreds of excellent organizations, individuals, and businesses in Asia, to praise the company that brings us the most innovative and cutting-edge turbine technologies. The event attracted many delegates, leaders of governments and leaders of businesses in the renewable energy industry around the world.

Goldwind is honored to receive the Turbine Technology Innovation of the Year award

Images from the 2023 Turbine Technology Innovation Award ceremony.

GWH182 is the first onshore turbine that got DNV-TC-A at 18x blade level. Until now, nearly 4800 units from the same platform of GWH182 are under operation or construction.

GWH182 inherits Goldwind's high reliability and green supply chain and mature manufacturing technique advantages, with intelligent all-around upgrades, multi-field friendly and great performance. Compared to the previous generation model, there has been improvement in both Annual Energy Production (AEP) and Levelized Cost of Energy(L.CoE), helping clients achieve higher yields and suitable solutions, aiming at Vietnam's and Asia's conditions.

About Goldwind:

As a trusted global strategic partner in clean energy, Goldwind is committed to building an energy foundation to drive a renewable future centered on the EOD (Ecology-Oriented Development) + ENERGY clean energy industry model. Goldwind helps cities and enterprises with comprehensive and sustainable economic, ecological and social development with reliable products and solutions in energy development, devices, services, and utilization.

Since Goldwind started our business, Goldwind has witnessed and experienced the growth and prosperity of China's renewable energy industry. Goldwind has helped clients worldwide tap into the value of clean energy with comprehensive and in-depth internationalization capabilities. Goldwind’s business network covers 38 countries across six continents. Goldwind has about 10,000 employees worldwide, including over 3,000 research and development (R&D) and technical personnel.

Regarding energy devices, Goldwind offers efficient, reliable, and cost-effective smart wind turbines and energy storage devices based on strict quality management standards for intelligent manufacturing and management systems of the green supply chain, making producing and obtaining clean energy more accessible. As of the end of September 2023, Goldwind has delivered over 50,000 wind turbines worldwide with a global cumulative installed capacity exceeding 111 GW. Goldwind has been ranking first in wind turbine manufacturers in China for 12 consecutive years and has been among the top three in the world for 8 consecutive years.


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