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Collecting land rent from the power transmission lines in Vietnam

 - On November 3, 2021, the Government Office issued announcement No 296/TB-VPCP on the conclusion of Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh at the meeting of the Government Permanent Council on land rent collection from the power transmission lines.

The announcement clearly stated that the Government Permanent Council is unanimous with opinions of the participates in meeting to collect land rent from the transmission lines and assigns the Ministry of Finance in the main responsibility, coordination with Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT), Electricity of Vietnam (EVN) and the relevant agencies to propose a concrete time for starting to collect land taxes from the transmission lines so that it would happen no later than the first half of June 2022.

The Ministry of Finance will synthesize preliminary data of the land rent from the current transmission lines in the localities according to the land law and base on these data, MOIT in a main responsibility and coordination with the Ministry of Finance and relevant agencies should direct EVN to review, restructure, improve quality, the efficiency of production activities (reduce manpower, administrative procedure reform… ), implement saving the costs for establishing an average electricity retail tariff framework in 2021-2025 period (including the land taxes from the transmission lines) in the principle of not increasing average electricity retail prices, to submit to the Prime Minister.

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, MOIT and Committee of State Capital Management in Enterprises should base on assigning functions and targets to guide EVN for reviewing, restructuring production and business activities, practicing saving the costs, resolving obstacles appeared in process of determining, collecting, paying and accounting land rent from the transmission lines in ensuring progress schedule of implementing land rent collection.

The Ministries, Agencies in accordance with the assigned functions and targets should control and supervise land rent collection, payment from the power transmission lines according to the law regulations with avoiding negativity, corruption and group interests.

Assigning Deputy Prime Minister Le Van Thanh to handle and resolve concrete issues in accordance with the law regulations.


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