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Exploiting 5.68 million tons of crude oil in the four months

 - In the first four months of 2014, the main products of the oil and gas industry (PVN) had a rater growth in competition with the same period of the past year.

The generation of the products of PVN for the four months are as follow: crude oil-5.68 million tons, increasing 2.12%, among that particularly in April, there was 1.42 million tons, and 3.2 %; natural gas – 3.56 billion m3, increasing 1,5%, only in April - 0.9 billion m3, and 0.1 %;  liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) – 251.3 thousand tons, increasing 9.4%, only in April - 62.8 thousand tons, and 16.4 % .

To the end of April, 2014, the Dung Quat Oil Refinery Plant was operated  continuously for over 600 days in stable situation. The generation of oil and gasoline of PVN for the four months estimated about 2.08 million tons, only in April reached 521 thousand tons, increasing 5.37 %.

Cooperation on oil and gas exploration and exploitation had been actively implemented. In April, in the Lima Capital, Republic of Peru, PVN, PVEP and Perenco Petroleum Company held a ceremony of opening the valve for commercial exploitation and sale of the first oil flow from Lot 67 in Peru.

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