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Inaugurating the Unit 1 of Nghi Son BOT Thermal Power Plant 2

 - On the morning of February 10, 2022, Nghi Son 2 Electric Co., Ltd. in coordination with the investor, Korea Electricity Corporation (Kepco) and Marubeni Group, Tohoku Company (Japan) held the inauguration ceremony of unit No. 1 of Nghi Son BOT Thermal Power Plant 2.

Nghi Son 2 BOT Thermal Power Plant with a designed capacity of 1,200 MW, a total investment capital of nearly 2,793 million USD. The project construction started in 2018 and is one of the very few coal-fired power plants in Vietnam, using ultra supercritical technology (UST) with high efficiency, significantly reducing coal consumption and greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental issues.

The project is invested in the form of build - operate - transfer (BOT) and will be handed over to the Electricity of Vietnam after 25 years.

Despite the project construction developing in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic with a high price of raw materials but with high determination and the companionship of the ministries, agencies and Thanh Hoa provincial authority, the project completed on schedule as promised.

Unit 1 was officially put into operation on January 11, 2022 and was successfully connected to the 500 kV North-South transmission line. The total project including 2 units by 600 MW each expects to be put into operation in July 2022.

The project was not only completed on time schedule, but during project construction, the labors always complied with international safety standards. Nghi Son 2 Power Company Ltd. and the investor paid special attention to implementing

The community activities with 95 projects for improving infrastructure, ecology, and improve the health of local people.

Unit 1 putting into operation participates in ensuring the national energy security, meeting electricity demand for industry and people life but also creating the jobs for Thanh Hoa labors and contributing to socio-economic development of Thanh hoa province in particular and of Vietnam in general.


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