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Petrovietnam has exceeded the crude oil exploration plan in 2018

 - At 7.00 on December 10, 2018, Petrovietnam (PVN) completed the 2018 crude oil exploitation plan with a production of 11.314 million tons.

PVN carried out the oil and gas exploration in 2018 in a conditions as: i) the production in main operated field was rapidly declining, the new fields to be put into operation were small and marginal ones ii) the complicated happening of oil prices and iii) the pressure to maximal reducing the costs for increasing the efficiency on exploiting a barrel of oil.

However, with the great efforts, PVN has exceeded the plan for exploiting domestic oil with a production of 11.314 tons assigned by the Government in 2018 plan.              

It is expected that at 15:00 pm on 11/12/2018, PVN will complete the crude oil exploration plan both at home and abroad with a production of 13.222 million tons (exceeded the plan for 21 days). For the gas production, at 17:00 pm on 16/12 2018, PVN will complete the gas exploration plan with output of 9.6 billion m3 (exceeded the plan for 15 days).

Previously, PVN had early reached the targets of business finance, as the total turnover of the PVN and payment to the State budget. Many units of PVN as BSR, PVGAS, PV Trans, PVEP, PVCFC, PVI ...have also early completed their production and business targets in 2018.

This achievement is the result of creative labor and tireless efforts of all employees of the Vietnam Oil and Gas Group, and the close attention and direction of the Government and ministries, departments as well as the effective cooperation of units inside and outside the Group.


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