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The nine solutions for Petrovietnam to complete the 2018 plan

 - In 2017, Petrovietnam (PVN) completed exceedingly the most assigned tasks and targets, especially exceeded the plan by production of 1.29 million tons of crude oil and budget payment of 22.9 thousand billion VND that has significantly contributed to GDP growth rate of 6.81% and state budget balance in 2017.


To successfully implement the 2018 plan in economic domestic and international situations with still a lot of difficulties and challenges, PVN has set up the nine following solutions:

Firstly, regularly to direct, urge and inspect implementing the tasks set out in PVN Action Program to carry out the Government’s Resolution No 01/NQ-CP/2018 on the key solutions for steering and managing implementation of the socio-economic development plan and state budget estimates in 2018.

Secondly, to speed up search, exploration and evaluation for oil and gas, to strive increasing the reserve of 10-15 million tons of oil equivalent in 2018. To prioritize developing the projects as Lot B, Blue Whale and Red Dragon with guaranteeing their long-term development. To strictly control the development progres, ensure sefe and stable operation of petroleum projects with a guideline of achieving production as planned.

Thirdly, to carry out capital divestment in enterprises in 2017-2020 period in accordance with the approval of the Prime Minister.

Fourthly, to concentrate complately dealing with difficulties and problems for the five shortcoming projects in accordance with the policy of the Prime Minister reflected in the Decision No 1468/QĐ-TTg dated 29/9/2017.

Fifthly, to correct and enhance the sense of responsibility among the employees in the whole group, especially in the parent companies. To reorganize the apparatus with a quality and compacting, and arranging the cardes according to the ability and skill.

Sixthly, To closely monitor developing the oil prices in the world for taking timely measures to respond changing oil prices at any time in 2018. To fairly implement selling products of Nghi Son Refinery.

Seventhly, To focus arranging sufficient capital for the projects which have been delayed.

Eightthly, to intensify inspection and supevision of all activities of the group. To direct member units to self-examine for timely overcoming the problems to complete the planned targets. To closely coordinate with and actively provide the orthodox information about activities of the Group to the Media.

Ninthly, to speed up bringing into play the innovation and technical impovement together with practising economy, fighting against corruption and waste, ensuring income for the employees, and implementing social security.


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