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The Plan for power supply and operation of Vietnam's power system in 2024

 - The Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) has just issued Decision No. 3110/QD-BCT to approve the Plan for Power supply and operation of the national electricity system in 2024.

The gas output supplied to each power plant is implemented according to the Gas Purchase Contract between the investor of the gas power plant and the gas supplier by the power supply and operation plan of the national power system in 2024 approved by MOIT.

According to the approved plan, Vietnam Oil and Gas Group (PVN) and Vietnam Gas Corporation (PV GAS) must ensure gas output for electricity production in 2024. In addition, closely coordinate with the field owners, investors of gas power plants, the Electricity of Vietnam, the National Load Dispatch Center (A0) to use gas resources appropriately in the sensible technical conditions of the gas supply system, the safe operation of the power system, as well as related commercial constraints for ensuring national interests, effective use of the country's resources and harmonization of interests and benefits of all parties. At the same time, to coordinate with Electricity of Vietnam (EVN) and A0 to review and update the gas mobilization plan/gas supply capacity for electricity production every quarter, reporting to MOIT. Strictly implement the periodic reporting regime under the direction of MOIT.

The investor of the gas power plants, in coordination with A0, the gas supplier will develop a monthly and quarterly gas supply plan per the Electricity Supply and the National Electricity System Operation Plan approved by MOIT and the monthly national electricity system operation plan announced by A0.

To ensure the plants operate stably, safely, and effectively and meet requirements on safety and environmental protection according to regulations.

The Electricity Regulatory Authority is responsible for monitoring the electricity supply situation of the national electricity system, directing A0 to announce information on mobilization plans for the next month and the remaining months of 2024 so the gas power plant investors and gas suppliers can update and have plans to prepare appropriate gas sources.

The Department of Petroleum and Coal regularly monitors and updates the gas supply situation for power production in 2024. In case any problems arise that affect the gas supply to power plants in 2024, promptly report to the leadership of MOIT to review and direct.


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