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Goldwind Asia Remote Operation Center- Think Globally and Act Locally

 - At the end of 2021, Goldwind- the top wind turbine OEM in China and the second turbine OEM supplier of the world, had just established the Goldwind Asia Remote Operation Center (known as “Goldwind Asia ROC”) in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Goldwind Asia ROC will be a regional hub for innovation, development and integration with the Goldwind International ROC and Site Monitoring.

Goldwind Asia Remote Operation Center- Think Globally and Act Locally

Goldwind Asia ROC will monitor all Goldwind existing wind turbines (including both onshore and offshore) in Vietnam and the region, as well as future products. Therefore, Goldwind can support owners' wind plants to maximize turbine efficiency and improve the cost and reliability of wind power.

Goldwind Asia ROC is the 24/7 monitoring center with quick trouble-shootings, identifying potential issues of wind turbines at wind farms to each very specific faults.

Goldwind Asia ROC can recognize abnormal in a turbine’s operation by detecting and correcting issues before they turn into a failure. Afterward, it will inform technicians on-site to make interventions to the turbines, in order to prevent any failure occurs.

If a technical error occurs, the Goldwind Asia ROC system will detect, notice and offer remote and prompt technical support based on the Goldwind case library (with the collection of best practices). Then Goldwind Asia ROC will inform Site work to reset and restart if necessary.

In addition, Goldwind Asia ROC has a weather forecast system that provides the necessary reminder for the operation of the turbine.

What are the strengths of Goldwind Asia ROC?

Local engineers are always ready in Goldwind Asia ROC to communicate with local owner in their mother tongue. Moreover, there is no difference in time zone. Therefore, it can save time for discussion and communication to shorten the duration for problem-solving and optimize the number of on-site staff.

Goldwind provides the monthly data quality analysis to offer customers deeper insights from their operations over the long term. Therefore, there will be good plans for Insurance Spare Parts Control, which Goldwind already built the Solution Factory in Binh Duong for this kind of service.

By faster response and reducing cost and time, Goldwind believes to maximize the quality of the O&M service as well as owners’ satisfaction.

Goldwind has adhered to the development concept of "internationalization is the core of localization" at great length. We, insisted on providing more job opportunities for local people, and making positive contributions to local social and economic development.


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