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Petroleum industry to master advanced technology

 - The Vietnamese petroleum industry has collaborated with high-level domestic research and consulting agencies to successfully conduct a good number of R&D (research & development) projects, resulting in important economic effects and regional and global significance.

Petroleum industry to master advanced technology
The BK-21 rig constructed by domestic contractors has a high rate of localization and meets international standards

As per the Department of Science and Technology under the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam, in the field of petroleum exploration, exploitation, and processing, which operates in a highly international context, most of the technologies used are state-of-the-art.

The Vietnamese petroleum industry has collaborated with high-level domestic research and consulting agencies to successfully conduct a number of R&D projects, bringing about critical economic effects and regional and global significance.

Most prominent projects include the 6th Ho Chi Minh Prize-winning project groups, namely the “Development of technology for exploiting gas-condensate deposits in Vietnam’s complex conditions of the continental shelf” and the “TBM-02 Portable Carota measurement station and the geophysical document interpretation procedure LOGINTER 2.0,” which help the sector effectively master the exploration and exploitation of petroleum by assessing physical, geological, and rock properties formed surrounding the well, while calculating petroleum reserves of different areas, oil fields, and sedimentary basins. These projects marked an important milestone in developing Vietnam’s geophysical industry.

The project “A Study on and Development of Technology for Designing, constructing, and installing large-scale offshore oil and gas projects suitable to Vietnam’s Conditions” has helped address unique challenges in Vietnam and contributed to the success of the Biển Đông (East Sea) 01 project. This has made the research unit one of the few EPCI contractors capable of carrying out central processing platforms and complex oil and gas projects in the region. This achievement has improved Vietnam’s competitiveness and capabilities to master oil and gas technology, particularly in designing and constructing huge and sensitive offshore projects, contributing positively to national security.

Two projects that won the 5th Ho Chi Minh Award are the project “Research, development, and improvement of technology for collecting, processing, and transporting crude oil under specific conditions of the Vietsovpetro and connecting oil fields on the southern continental shelf of Vietnam,” and the project “A Study on the detailed design and application of technology to manufacturing, assembly, and launching of self-elevating drilling rigs at a depth of 90 meters suitable with Vietnam’s conditions” conducted by the PetroVietnam Marine Shipyard Joint Stock Company (PV Shipyard). They have made Vietnam one of the few countries in the world to own internationally-standardized detailed design and self-elevating drilling rig manufacturing technology.

Several other projects have also been awarded the State Prize in science and technology, including the project “Research and application of technological solutions to collecting, processing, and utilizing associated petroleum gas in the oil fields of Vietsovpetro and offshore neighboring fields,” and the project “Research on the foundation and detailed design and technology for the manufacturing of the integrated 400ft self-elevating drilling rig suitable with Vietnam’s conditions and the research on the development of mobile offshore drilling rigs to serve marine economic development and national security.”

Science and technology have been successfully applied to the management and operation of oil and gas fields, playing an important role in maintaining and increasing production output.



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