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Starting the technical constituent of Hai Lang LNG Power Center

 - On January 15, 2022, Quang Tri Provincial People's Committee and investor consortium, including T&T Group and the Korean Hanwha Energy Joint Stock Company - HANWHA, South Korea Electricity Corporation- KOSPO and Korea Gas Corporation - KOGAS officially started the technical constituent of 1500 MW phase 1 Hai Lang LNG Power Center in Quang Tri province.
Starting the technical constituent of Hai Lang LNG Power Center
Groundbreaking ceremony of technical component of Hai Lang LNG Power Center project.

This is the largest LNG power project today in Quang Tri province with a total investment of nearly 54 trillion VND (equivalent to 2.32 billion USD).

1500 MW phase 1 of Hai Lang LNG Power Center is developed at the energy complex of Quang Tri Southeast Economic Zone, in Hai An and Hai Ba communes, Hai Lang district, Quang Tri province.

The project includes 120 ha of an Hai Lang LNG warehouse center for receiving in phase 1 LNG ship with a tanker from 170,000 to 226,000m3, capacity of 1.5 million tons of LNG per year and Hai Lang Power Center with phase 1 capacity of 1,500 MW. According to the plan, the project will be put into commercial operation in 2026 - 2027.

Assessing the objective and efficiency of the project, Mr. Do Quang Hien, T &T Chairman and General Director, representing the investor consortium said: the project will use the new generation of gas turbines with high efficiency used in many developed countries as the USA, France, Japan, Korea…

The Hai Lang power center will generate in situation that the rate of the solar power projects in the Central Region should be very high and fluctuated much by the weather. So the project with a clean fuel LNG should reduce GHG ensure the environmental criteria in the International Conventions concluded Vietnamese Government.

It is a project with international stature, sustainable value contributing to ensuring the national security and materializing the object that Vietnam should reach net- zero emission by 2050 as the Vietnamese Government committed in COP 26.

Assessing the role and stature of the project, Mr. Vo Van Hung, the Deputy Secretary of the Com-party Committee, Chairman of Quang Tri Provincial People’s Committee emphasized that the Hai Lang power center is a key project of Quang Tri province, the project implementation contributes to object making Quang Tri to become an energy center of the region in 2030. He also informed that the Prime Minister (PM) has just allowed to invest in Quang Tri Airport in Quang Tri South-east economic zone. These events should make Quang Tri South-east economic zone to become dynamic, modern and efficient in Central region, national Vietnam and ASEAN.

At the starting ceremony, Quang Tri Provincial Economic Board handed the Investment Registration Certificate, approving the investor consortium including T&T Group and Korean HANWHA, KOSPO, KOGAS to invest in 1500 MW phase 1 Hai Lang LNG Power Center in Quang Tri Southeast Economic Zone, Quang Tri province.

According to the Investment Registration Certificate, the total investment of the project is 53,668 billion VND (equivalent to 2.32 US$ billion) including 13,416 billion VND with 40% from T&T Group and 60% from HANWHA, KOSPO, KOGAS with 20% each.

The Hai Lang power center with 1500 MW, phase 1 has supplemented by Prime Minister to PDP VII (adjusted project).

The following phases should be considered in Power Development Planning in the period 2021-2030 with a vision up to 2045 (PDP VIII).


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