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The national electricity load grew by about 10.9% over the same period in the first months of 2024

 - From the beginning of 2024, the national load will grow by about 10.9% compared to the same period in 2023. Among them, the North will increase by 10.8%, the South by 12% and the Central region by 6.9%.

According to a report from the Electricity Regulatory Authority (February 2024) In the seventh week of 2024, the load was lower than the average level from the beginning of the year due to the impact of the Lunar New Year holiday. The average daily output was 573 million kWh higher than last week about 14.3 million kWh.

From the beginning of the year, the national load has grown by about 10.9% compared to the same period in 2023 (the North increased by 10.8%, the South by 12%, and the Central region by 6.9%).

Maximum capacity during the week reached 36,106 MW higher than last week about 249.6 MW. The power supply situation during the week is to be ensured.

Regarding power plant operation, in the North, the Electricity Regulatory Authority has implemented flexible and economical operation of hydropower reservoirs in synchronization with solutions to change transmission grid connections to mobilize hydropower plants suitable for the effective water extraction capacity of irrigation projects, while at the same time retaining water for power generation to ensure electricity supply during the hot season of 2024.

From February 18, 2024, the National Power System Dispatch Center (A0) has implemented a solution to set constraints in scheduling to maximize the exploitation of coal-fired thermal power plants in the North and Central - North 500kV transmission grid line sections (Ha Tinh - Nghi Son 2- Nho Quan) to preserve water in Northern hydropower lakes, especially lakes with low water levels.

From 0h00 on February 16 to 12:00 on February 21, A0 mobilized hydropower plants: Thac Ba, Tuyen Quang, and Hoa Binh to serve the 2024 Winter-Spring crop (phase 2).

After the holidays, to mobilize power units of thermal power plants: in Ninh Binh, and Thai Binh 2 to maintain water in the Northern hydropower lakes, to meet peak demand and to ensure the security of electricity supply in the dry season. As for BOT Nghi Son 2 Thermal Power Plant, it is to mobilize under an off-take guarantee contract.

Along with that, Electricity of Vietnam (EVN) also takes advantage of transmission capacity to save Northern hydropower transmission on the 500 kV Nho Quan - Nghi Son 2 section, for maintaining approximately the allowable limit with Transmission output in week 17.5 ÷ 37.2 million kWh, maximum transmission capacity recorded at one time reached 2302 MW.

In the Central and Southern regions, EVN has mobilized as much as possible to discharge hydropower plants and renewable energy projects. Specifically, the average daily output of the week is about 121.6 million kWh The remaining plants are optimally exploited according to plan.

During the week, A0 put renewable energy projects into operation AGC (the system automatic equipment that adjusts capacity increase or decrease) according to capacity monitoring conditions on the Nghi Son 2 - Nho Quan section in the off-peak hours due to transmission limits, especially on weekends. On the other hand, mobilizing resources from Ialy Hydropower to ensure the water level for construction of the Ialy expansion project.

Along with that, it is necessary to maintain coal-fired power units (7 - 15 units) and gas turbines (5 - 8 units) to ensure power plant availability and meet load demand and grid mode, as well as operating requirements of the gas supply system.

Hydrological situation and coal and gas supply for power generation:

From the beginning of February, the amount of water flowing into hydropower lakes in the North was 48 - 99% lower than the average of many years (except for hydropower plants: Thac Ba, Tuyen Quang). In the Central region, most of the lakes have good water inflow, approximately, or higher than the average for many years (except for some lakes with poor water inflow such as Quang Tri, Binh Dien, Huong Dien, A Vuong, Song Tranh 2, Song Bung 2, Vinh Son A/B, Kanak, Song Ba Ha, Nam Kong 3, Ialy, DakRTih, Dong Nai 3, Song Con 2A... only reach about 18 - 98% on average for many years).

In the South, the lakes' water inflow is 39 - 98% lower than the average for many years (except from hydropower plants: Dong Nai 2, Ham Thuan, Da Nhim).

Currently, there is no regulated discharge lake in the system.

The average water output of hydropower reservoirs is about 97.7 million kWh/day.

Updates from the Electricity Regulatory Authority show that: During the week, coal supply was guaranteed, and gas supply from Nam Con Son + Cuu Long plants reached about 9.5 million m3/day. The gas source from PM3 - Ca Mau for Ca Mau Power Plant is about 4.4 million m3/day.

The report of the electricity regulatory agency shows that: In general, the water flowing into the Northern hydropower reservoir is still lower than planned, so A0 still has to increase the mobilization of coal power, gas power and renewable energy to economize water.

In the current lack of electricity supply in the North, it is still a safe measure. However, EVN may suffer revenue losses, because hydropower is still the cheapest source.


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