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There 2,300 MW of solar power have been connected to the NPS

 - According to Mr. Vo Quang Lam - Deputy General Director of Electricity of Vietnam (EVN): As of May 30, 2019, there 47 solar power projects, with a capacity of 2,300 MW have been connected to the national power system, and it is expected that in June, there 49 projects with a capacity of about 2,600 MW will be connected.


That the renewable energy projects have been put into operation contributed a certain amount of power capacity and generation to the power system, especially in the central and southern regions

(for example, on May 28, 2019, renewable energy (mainly solar power) generation reached about 8 million kWh, accounting for about 11% of the daily generation of the whole system equal to over 720 million kWh.

However, in difference from traditional power plants, the capacity of solar power projects depends entirely on weather and cannot be regulated up/down corresponding to the load demand during the day. Therefore, the Power System Dispatching Center (A0) must mobilize aggregates of traditional power plants for the system reserve capacities.

Besides, a serious difficulty that EVN has to face is as the main solar power projects developed in Ninh Thuan and Binh Thuan provinces where the load demand in these provinces is rather low, so the large capacity must be transmitted to the southern region that requires to construct the power transmission grids with the large investment capital and schedule (for constructing the power transmission grids requires time of the years while constructing solar power projects needs only months).

For example, to the end of June 2019 in Ninh Thuan and Binh Thuan, it is expected about 2000 MW of solar power projects to be put into operation while the load demand there is about 300 MW, the capacity of 1700 MW must be transmitted to Ho Chi Minh city and southern region.

Also according to EVN, to overcome the difficulties faced by the large grounded solar power projects an reduce their electricity costs, it is better to develop the rooftop PV solar panels connected only to the low or medium voltage power networks.     


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