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Envision Energy is committed to making more contributions to promoting Vietnam’s renewable energy transformation

 - On the afternoon of April 27, in Phan Rang - Thap Cham City, Ninh Thuan Provincial People's Committee organized the "Conference on green energy, green hydrogen and carbon neutral industrial park".
Envision Energy is committed to making more contributions to promoting Vietnam’s renewable energy transformation
Mr. Pham Van Hau, Permanent Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, and Ninh Thuan Provincial People's Council Chairman spoke at the Conference (Image source: TTXVN)

Over 200 delegates from ministries, central branches, local leaders, financial institutions, corporations, businesses investing in domestic and international renewable energy, experts and scientists attend the conference.

Speaking at the conference, Mr. Pham Van Hau, Permanent Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and chairman of the People's Council of Ninh Thuan province said that Ninh Thuan is one of the localities with potential advantages in developing energy and renewable energy. generation such as wind power, solar power, hydropower, gas power... According to established plans, the potential for onshore wind power to develop by 2030 is more than 1,429MW; Potential coastal wind power is about 4,380MW; offshore wind power development potential of 21,000MW; Potential solar power development is about 8,448MW; LNG gas power development potential is 6,000 MW, pumped storage hydropower development potential is 7,000 MW... In addition, there are other potential energy sources such as tides, biomass power, ocean waves, and ocean currents....

Resolution of the 14th Ninh Thuan Provincial Party Congress, term 2020 - 2025, sets the goal that by 2025, Ninh Thuan will be one of the centers of renewable energy and clean energy. Along with that, the Prime Minister approved the National Electricity Development Plan for the period 2021 - 2030, with a vision to 2050; and approved Vietnam's hydrogen energy development strategy until 2030, vision to 2050. In addition, the Government has issued a series of policy documents related to green growth. Therefore, Ninh Thuan is eager to cooperate with domestic and foreign partners to promote green growth sectors.

Hydrogen production development focuses on technologies ensuring zero or low carbon emissions. Hydrogen produced from these technologies is considered clean hydrogen. Clean hydrogen is identified as a breakthrough technology to achieve carbon neutrality goals by 2050. Among them, Ninh Thuan is considered one of the provinces with great potential and opportunities for energy. Renewable energy such as wind energy and solar energy do not emit carbon to produce green hydrogen. This is considered a sustainable technology solution but requires a long time and large capital to develop the market.

"With the advantage of abundant renewable energy sources, Ninh Thuan will be a destination to attract domestic and foreign investors to explore investment opportunities in hydrogen production and is also an important highlight for the Government. The government hopes and believes in choosing Ninh Thuan as the place where the South Central - South inter-regional Renewable Energy Industry and Service Center will be located," Mr. Pham Van Hau said.

Envision Energy is committed to making more contributions to promoting Vietnam’s renewable energy transformation
Dr. Lili Lu, a representative of Envision Group (China) presented the paper "Implementation Experiences and International Standards on Green Hydrogen Projects and Net Zero Industrial Parks" (Image source: TTXVN).

Envision Energy as the only Chinese new energy company that was invited to participate in the event in depth and deliver keynote speeches and forum exchanges.

Sharing the idea of ​​green industrial parks in Ninh Thuan province in the Green Energy, Green Hyro and Carbon Neutral Industrial Park Conference organized by the People's Committee of Ninh Thuan Province on the afternoon of April 27, Mr. Eric HU, Solution Director Net-Zero Industrial Park (NZIP) - Envision NZIP (Envision Group) affirms that, with outstanding advantages in natural resources and favorable location, Ninh Thuan province has high potential to develop industrial clusters Net-Zero.

Envision Energy is committed to making more contributions to promoting Vietnam’s renewable energy transformation
Mr. Eric HU, Solution Director of Net-Zero Industrial Park (NZIP) - Envision NZIP shares ideas about green industrial parks in Ninh Thuan province (Image source: TTXVN).

The advantages of Ninh Thuan province mentioned by the representative of Envision Group include Ninh Thuan's geographical location with traffic intersections connecting 3 key economic regions of Vietnam including the Southeast, South Central, and Central Highlands; has an abundant land fund (up to 11,192 hectares of unplanned land) and flat terrain ideal for developing many green industrial clusters.

Regarding roads, Ninh Thuan has a seaport - Ca Na Port with a planned area of ​​567 hectares, a design capacity of 27 million tons/year. Mr. Eric HU said that Ca Na Port is an ideal export destination for green ammonia.

Along with that, Ninh Thuan also has abundant wind and solar energy sources. Ninh Thuan has an average wind speed of 7.5 m/s; The number of sunshine hours is 2,500-3,100 hours/year. Director of Net-Zero Industrial Park (NZIP) solutions - Envision NZIP evaluates these two parameters of Ninh Thuan currently ranked No. 1 in Vietnam.

In addition, Ninh Thuan has high potential for wind power development, especially offshore wind farms with a coastline of over 105km; develop renewable power projects with a capacity of up to 7500 MW; Levelized cost (LCOE) estimated 3-5.5 Cent/W.

Envision Energy is committed to making more contributions to promoting Vietnam’s renewable energy transformation
Net-Zero Industrial Park (NZIP) Solution Director - Envision NZI proposed 5 support lists to deploy the first Net-Zero industrial park in Vietnam. Next to it is the overall perspective of the Ca Na Industrial Park project (Image source: TTXVN).

To do this, Net-Zero Industrial Park (NZIP) Solution Director - Envision NZI proposed 5 lists of support including accelerating the progress of supported onshore/offshore wind power projects; encouraging the development of DC microgrids in parks with backup power from the grid; financing for green factory construction and equipment procurement; Tariff incentives for exports of net-zero products, especially Green Hydrogen, Ammonia, Methanol and tax and land incentives for foreign investment in green industry.

Net-Zero Industrial Park (NZIP) Solution Director - Envision NZI also introduced the world's first Net Zero Industrial Park in Ordos, Inner Mongolia (China).

According to the introduction of the representative of Envision Group, the project started construction in December 2020 and pilot construction in April 2022; attracting investment of 16 billion USD. The project has the ambition of 10 billion kWh per year, 100% from renewable energy (green electricity); 100,000 cleantech jobs and reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 100 million tons (including Scope 3 emissions).

At the conference, delegates focused on discussing and analyzing scientific documents and arguments to share and exchange implementation experiences and international standards on green hydrogen projects and net-zero industrial parks. , international experience towards net zero emissions, including technical and financial solutions for industrial real estate, green hydrogen production from small-scale pumped storage hydropower and solar power, and review of Select green hydrogen/ammonia production technology and equipment.

At the same time, calls for and effectively uses international support commitments, green credit sources, climate credits, green bonds and several solutions for research and development for production projects. Hydrogen is expected to invest in Ninh Thuan province. Thereby, increasing the value and role of the clean energy industry in the province's industrial production structure, contributing to Ninh Thuan's rapid and sustainable development in the context of the global integration of the Industrial Revolution era. The 4th industry is going strong today.

Within the framework of the Conference, Mr. Dang Hai Anh, Head of the oil and gas transportation and processing group - Department of Petroleum and Coal, Ministry of Industry and Trade analyzed in depth "Vietnam's Hydrogen Energy Development Strategy to 2030, vision to 2050" to develop Vietnam's hydrogen (H2) energy ecosystem based on renewable energy, including production, storage, transportation, distribution, domestic use and export with infrastructure. Synchronous and modern floors to contribute to ensuring energy security, and implementing national goals on climate change, green growth and net zero emissions by 2050 according to the roadmap and commitments. of Vietnam in the sustainable energy transition.

With this strategy, the Ministry of Industry and Trade and other agencies and departments will also accompany and complete policies as well as create an appropriate legal corridor to make it more convenient for domestic and foreign businesses to access and follow. Pursuing the goal of developing the hydrogen industry in terms of mechanism, capital, science and technology, and human resources in this field.

Sharing about investment activities in the field of green hydrogen, Mr. Nguyen Tam Tien, General Director of Trung Nam Construction Investment Joint Stock Company (Trungnam Group) presented the paper "Research and Development of green energy complex and Green Industrial Park in Ninh Thuan Province". Mr. Nguyen Tam Tien said, Trungnam Group plans to develop several green energy complexes to produce green hydrogen and green ammonia in Vietnam for domestic distribution and export. Wind and solar energy are the main sources for the production of green hydrogen and green ammonia; Green methanol, methane and green fuel will be considered in the future as demand increases; Green electricity supplies industrial parks and the National power grid. Trungnam Group is expected to produce 250 thousand tons/year of green hydrogen by 2030 and 2.5 million tons/year of green hydrogen by 2050.

Grasping the hydrogen demand and renewable energy potential of Ninh Thuan province, Trungnam Group is researching and developing a model of a Green Energy Complex in Ninh Thuan province with a scale of up to 4,247 hectares with three components including a factory. Ca Na green hydrogen; power supply renewable energy complex; Liquid export port complex. The project is expected to complete phase 1 in 2030, completing all five phases in 2046. At the same time, implementing the construction of a green industrial park - Ca Na Industrial Park, Thuan Nam district with an area of ​​827, 2 hectares with the orientation of attracting investment and will work with partners to develop industrial parks in the direction of using green energy and selective production activities by green and sustainable criteria..

Envision Energy is committed to making more contributions to promoting Vietnam’s renewable energy transformation
Trungnam Group signed a cooperation agreement with Envision Group (Image source: TTXVN).

At the conference program, delegates witnessed the signing of a cooperation agreement and a memorandum of understanding (MOU) between Envision Group and Trungnam Group, opening up opportunities for business cooperation with resources. available and promote opportunities for development cooperation in the coming time.


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