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Goldwind Bess Energy Storage System

 - Goldwind launches a new generation of DC side 0 parallel high-efficiency modular liquid-cooled electrochemical energy storage system
Goldwind Bess Energy Storage System

Goldwind launches new generation modular liquid cooling BESS (Battery Energy Storage System) system for utility-scale renewable power plants. The DC side 0 parallel technology, combined with the high-voltage liquid cooling system, further improves the stability, energy density and efficiency of the electrochemical energy storage system.

Goldwind Bess Energy Storage System

Current situation

As the global demand for green and renewable energy grows, so does the share of renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power in the global power system.

At the same time, in order to stabilize the impact of the instability of solar energy and wind energy on the power grid system, the energy storage system also plays an increasingly important role. However, due to the low energy density, high footprint, low flexibility, and high investment of energy storage systems, their development on utility scale is limited.

Goldwind Solution

The new generation of electrochemical energy storage system launched by Goldwind adopts the modularized DC 0 parallel technology for electrical isolation and physical isolation, which eliminates the circulating current in the battery due to parallel connection, eliminates the simple fault point, and has higher safety. The availability of fault redundancy is increased by

2% and the downtime capacity is reduced by 66%. Furthermore, the modular technology also improves the flexibility of the system, and can also be flexibly configured according to the needs of the owner. The unique module hibernation technology can improve system efficiency by 3% to 5%.

Compared with the traditional 1000V system, the 1500V high-voltage system has a 60% increase in converter power, a 50% increase in battery capacity of a single cluster, and a 50% reduction in floor space. The cost is reduced by about 3%.

Goldwind Bess Energy Storage System

Goldwind has replaced the traditional air-cooled system with a liquid cooling system. This improves the performance of the battery system, reduces the temperature of the battery by 2 degrees Celsius, and also reduces the total area by more than 35%, greatly improving the cost efficiency of the whole system.

Goldwind Bess Energy Storage System

Application scenarios

Power generation: Smooth renewable power output, absorb overflow renewable power, AGC peak shaving, frequency regulation

Power transmission: Assist peak shaving & frequency regulation, Increase power quality

13 Years of Energy Storage Experience

As early as 2008, Goldwind started exploration and application in energy storage. In 2010, during the construction of the smart micro-grid at the Goldwind headquarters, the equipment includes all-vanadium flow energy storage, lithium batteries, supercapacitors and other energy storage devices are implemented. In the past 13 years, Goldwind has continued to provide energy storage system solutions of higher quality, cost-effective and better performance while conducting safety capability. Goldwind is committed to realize the aggregation of flexible energy and harmonious coexistence of new energy and power grid.


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