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Sungrow’s New Liquid Cooled Energy Storage System Helps Seize More Opportunities in the Southeast Asian Renewable Market

 - Southeast Asia, which possesses rich solar and wind power resources, is steadily decarbonizing its energy sources and phasing out reliance on coal power. Substantial investments penetrate renewable energy infrastructure, especially large-scale projects.

Energy Storage Becomes More Crucial for Southeast Asia’s Energy Transition

ASEAN targets to realize a 23% share of renewable energy in total by 2025, which means a 35GW-40GW new installation. Increasing renewable energy requires energy storage growth. Energy storage systems (ESS) are crucial for greater penetration of renewable energy, grid resilience, and flexibility; thus, leading to a quicker transition to clean energy.

Southeast Asia is also increasing its momentum for implementing ESS. For example, Thailand’s recently updated national Power Development Plan (PDP 2018-2037) set the goal of renewable power capacity of 2,766 MW, accounting for 37% of the total. The Ministry of Energy also launched its “Energy 4.0” strategy to promote ESS installations nationwide.

Sungrow’s New Liquid Cooled Energy Storage System Helps Seize More Opportunities in the Southeast Asian Renewable Market

Sungrow Supplies the Largest BESS Plant in Southeast Asia with Its Innovated Liquid-Cooled ESS

In an effort to increase ESS installations, the Thai government launched the SPP Hybrid Firm Power Purchasing Program. The first project of this program will build a 49.01 MW PV plus 45 MW/136.24 MWh energy storage system, which is the largest BESS plant in Thailand; Super Energy, the leading renewable energy provider in Southeast is the developer and Sungrow provides the comprehensive PV plus BESS solution. Relying on Sungrow’s integrated solar plus storage solution, this plant is able to provide clean electricity with constant power in the long run, and helps improve the overall stability and security of Thai power grid.

Sungrow’s Liquid Cooling Energy Storage System Better Supplies the BESS Plants

Noticeably, Sungrow’s new liquid cooled energy storage system, the utility ESS ST2523UX-SC5000UD-MV, is a portion of this huge project; thus, making a huge difference at this point.

To increase electrical generation, the liquid cooled ESS innovatively uses the modular DC/DC converter, enabling the battery to be fully and flexibly charged and discharged, ensuring the optimized plant performance. To safeguard the overall safety and prolong the system lifetime, the liquid cooling ESS also provides intelligent and multi-level monitoring devices which can accurately detect the cell-level temperature controls. In addition, to maintain efficient yield without derating ina hot and wet environments in Southeast Asia, the battery cabinet and PCS enclosure are equipped with enhanced safety features.

Moreover, the liquid cooled system integrates core components like PCS and EMS. These integrations increase efficiency in plant construction, commission, and post O&M. The pre-assembled scheme saves on-site installation time and serialized design saves installation space. As a result, Super Energy features a simple plant construction, decreased LCOS, and long-term safe and stable efficiency.

Working with Sungrow to Seize More Opportunities in Flourishing Southeast Asian Market

IHS Markit estimated by 2025, renewable energy players Malaysia, Singapore, and Vietnam, will start to see a Levelized cost of electricity. As installation capacity increases, the deep integration of renewable energy generation and energy storage can lead the future trend for a stronger connection and a more resilient grid. Sungrow offers a wide range of PV and energy storage solutions to satisfy what is needed in multiple scenarios. By 2021, its products have been shipped and installed in more than 150 countries and regions and all proved safe and reliable. Sungrow will maintain its technological innovation and offer global leading solutions and services to help seize more opportunities in this flourishing market. Join hand in hand with Sungrow and contribute your due share for a low-carbon community.

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Sungrow Power Supply Co., Ltd. (“Sungrow”) is the world’s most bankable inverter brand with over 182 GW installed worldwide as of June 2021. Founded in 1997 by University Professor Cao Renxian, Sungrow is a leader in the research and development of solar inverters with the largest dedicated R&D team in the industry and a broad product portfolio offering PV inverter solutions and energy storage systems for utility-scale, commercial & industrial, and residential applications, as well as internationally recognized floating PV plant solutions. With a strong 24-year track record in the PV space, Sungrow products power installations in over 150 countries. Learn more about Sungrow by visiting:


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