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The first center on remote operating solar power plant in Vietnam

 - The Power Engineering Consulting Joint Stock Company 2 (PECC2) has just inaugurated and put into operation the first Vietnam Control Center on Remote Operating Power Plant (OCC) at its headquarter in Ho Chi Minh City.

The ceremony for inaugurating PECC2 Control Center on Remote Operating the Power Plant, October 7.

Through this Center, PECC2 will remotely operate 6 solar power plants with a total capacity of more than 400 MW managed by the Company.

According to Mr. Vu Viet Dung - Director of OCC, through this Center, operating engineers are provided with all parameters such as: temperature, power generation, efficiency of the solar PV panels, the status of equipment, and thereby they can assess and accurately forecast the performance of the plant.

In particular, the operating engineers can also remotely control, open/close devices, change operating parameters ...

The OCC of PECC2 was invested synchronously in technology, advanced operation management software (ANSYS, True Tech ...) and modern infrastructural equipment.

It is necessary to say, the OCC of PECC2 is also a pioneering step to make the optimized solutions in the operative controlling the power plants in Vietnam in the near future.



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