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2023 - A successful year for Vinacomin

 - 2023 is considered a successful year for Vietnam National Coal and Mineral Industries Holding Corporation Limited. (Vinacomin) in implementing synchronous, flexible and drastic solutions. The production, business and construction investment activities were all completed and exceeded the set plan.

The state budget payment was record high:

The total turnover of Vinacomin is estimated at 170 trillion VND, reaching 100.3% of the plan, equivalent to the implementation in 2022; The State budget contributions reached nearly 29 trillion VND, an increase of 8.5 trillion VND compared to the plan, equal to 141% of the plan and equal to 127.5% of the 2022. This is the amount of money paid to the state budget with a high record of Vinacomin from the foundation, contributing in the GDP increase of the country.

In 2023, Vinacomin produced 36.84 million tons of raw coal; and 39.04 million tons of clean coal, reaching 101% of the year's plan and selling 47.80 million tons of coal, reaching 102.8% of the year's plan and equal to 101.7% over the same period in 2022;

In 2023 Vinacomin provided 39.85 million coal tons for electricity production, reaching 103.4% of the year's plan and equal to 113.9% over the same period. The coal import was 9.20 million tons, reaching 100% of the year plan and equal to 190.9% over the same period in 2022, loading 137.65 million m3 of soil and rock; The total number of meters of excavation is 270,270 m.

In 2023, the Group has implemented the main targets by the set plan goals, providing timely and sufficient coal to the power plants with which Vinacomin has signed contracts. The results of coal supply for electricity were highly appreciated by Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh in managing production, increasing output to meet coal requirements for coal-fired thermal power plants, and contributing to ensuring electricity supply during peak heat waves.

On minerals, Vinacomin produced 1.46 million tons of equated aluminum, reaching 112.3% of the plan, and sold 1.46 million tons, reaching 112.3% of the plan. Produced 89.49 thousand tons of copper concentrate, reaching 88% of the year's plan and 28.85 thousand tons of copper sheets, reaching 96.2% of the year's plan; produced 8.8 thousand tons of zinc ingots and 140.5 thousand tons of steel billets.

In 2023, Vinacomin produced 9.65 billion kWh of electricity reaching 100.6% of the year’s plan and equal to 117.5% compared to the same period. In addition, Vinacomin produced 72.5 thousand tons of industrial explosives, supplied 105 thousand tons, and produced and sold 180 thousand tons of ammonium nitrate, equal to 104% in the same period.

Besides, Vinacomin focused on ensuring employment, salaries and policies for employees; and implemented well corporate governance and social security work.

The average workforce of the entire Group in 2023 was 96,887 people, equal to 95.7% of the plan and 99.9% of the implementation in 2022, of which 68,200 people were in coal production. The average salary of the entire Group was estimated at 16.4 million VND/person-month, equal to 110.1% of the plan; Of which coal production reached 17.2 million VND/person-month, equal to 111.2% of the plan.

In 2024: To implement and direct the Group's tasks, officers, employees and workers of Vinacomin promote the tradition of "Discipline and unity" determined to overcome difficulties and flexible adapt, stable production – business and strive to exceed and comprehensively complete the goals and targets for 2024 with the theme: "Safety - Solidarity - Development - Efficiency".

Vinacomin will implement the Development Planning s893/QD-TTg dated July 26, 2023, Planning 500/QD-TTg dated May 15, 2023; Planning 866/QD-TTg dated July 18, 2023 of the Prime Minister on the National Energy Planning; Power Development Planning and Planning for exploration, exploitation, process and use minerals in the period 2021 - 2030 with a vision to 2050.

Implementing flexible coal import solutions to ensure a sufficient supply of imported coal with appropriate quality and type; continue to innovate, apply new advanced modern technology, and maximize the value-added chain based on coal and mineral production; Implement digital transformation and database connection projects in all fields, especially in the field of management and administration, and promote investment in preparing resources for end-of-phase projects in the construction phase.

It is expected that in 2024, Vinacomin will produce 38.74 million tons of raw coal, nearly 37.4 million tons of clean coal, and sell 50 million tons of coal, expose rock soil reached 153.42 million m3 and dig 287.5 km of excavation; minimum electricity generation output will be 10.5 billion kWh.

Regarding minerals and chemicals, according to the Group's 2024 business coordination plan, the Group will produce 8,215 tons of zinc ingot, 107,080 tons of copper concentrate, 30,000 tons of copper plate, 202,501tons of iron ore, 956 kg of gold, 220 thousand tons of steel billets, 1,300 thousand tons of alumina, 200 thousand tons of ammonium nitrate and 73.35 thousand tons of explosives.

The average salary of the entire Group will be expected to be 15,478 million VND/person-month, of which coal production will be 15,984 million VND/person-month; For the parent company 16,768 million VND/person-month.

Vinacomin production and business development would be associated with protecting the health of the people and workers; ensuring quality living and working environment; protecting biodiversity and ecosystems; and Implementing the policy of the Resolution of the 13th Party Congress "Building a green, circular and environmentally friendly economy".

To complete the proposed plan by 2024, Vinacomin will implement direction and management solutions and focus on promoting the development of large-output underground coal mines according to the criteria "Green mines, modern mines, high-output mines", continue to standardize and upgrade logistics service warehouses to serve coal import and export and mixing.

At the same time, exploratory drilling and assessment of coal reserves are also carried out to prepare a reliable resource base for the industry's stable, long-term development in terms of developing coal and mineral projects;

Focusing on speeding up implementation progress and completing related procedures to soon start construction on some projects; organize the preparation of coal mine development projects and seaport projects; Continue to maintain and build new factories, centralized coal screening and processing centers to improve coal screening, processing and supply capacity to serve economic development; Investing in new projects, investment projects in digging pits, maintaining production to serve deep mining, improving coal quality to meet coal types according to market requirements. Focusing on promoting the application of mechanization, automation, and computerization in production and management to improve production and business efficiency; improve safety levels, and the environment, increase transportation capacity, productivity, and income for workers, increase useful working time to reduce costs.

Focusing on synchronous implementation and building management processes to serve the digital transformation of coal blocks, especially the application of digital technology in internal transactions, document interoperability, digital signature applications and digital office... Continue to invest to improve working conditions and environment for workers, increase labor productivity, increase workers' income, and the Group's production and business efficiency.


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