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Vinacomin strengthens the management and effective exploitation of the port- warehouse system

 - To strictly manage, improve exploitation efficiency, and ensure environmental work at port warehouse clusters, in 2 days (May 6 - 7, 2024), Chairman of Members of Vietnam Coal and Mineral Industry Group (Vinacomin) Ngo Hoang Ngan inspected Km6 Port Warehouse (belonging to Cam Pha Port and Warehouse Company - Vinacomin), Dien Cong Port Warehouse (belonging to Da Bac Warehousing Company - Vinacomin) and worked with units.
Vinacomin strengthens the management and effective exploitation of the port- warehouse system
Chairman of the Board of Directors of Vinacomin Ngo Hoang Ngan Group and Group leaders inspected at Km6 Port Warehouse - Cam Pha Port and Warehouse Company.

The Chairman of the Group inspected the actual operating capacity of the Km6 Port and Warehouse of Cam Pha Port and Logistics Company and the Dien Cong Warehouse of Da Bac Logistics Company. These are the two units responsible for the coal sale of the Vinacomin. At the same time, He checked the planning and investment upgrade capacity projects of port warehouses, wharves and coal processing and mixing lines to meet coal production and sale and storm prevention and environmental work...

The Km6 warehouse of Cam Pha Port and Logistics Company (in Quang Hanh ward, Cam Pha City) has a mining capacity of 6 million tons of coal/year, invested and renovated since 2014 and completed and put into use in 2018. Inspecting the management and operation of production line systems and the effectiveness of environmental protection works at these port warehouses, the Vinacomin Chairman directed the unit to review the local master plan, as well as the capacity of coal warehouses, wharves, ports, coal transport conveyor systems to mines, investment projects to develop production, environment... to have appropriate investment directions and achieve efficiency and cost savings.

At the same time, the unit needs to recalculate the investment demand of a number of items in the overall environmental protection project of Km6 Port Warehouse (phase 1). such as dust barriers, high-pressure mist spraying systems to suppress dust, environmental lake and wastewater treatment modules, automatic car wash stations, and planting and caring for trees... At Dien Cong Port Warehouse of Da Bac Logistics Company (in Uong Bi City), Vinacomin Chairman inspected the overall operation of 5 production investment projects according to planning, including:

- The Dien Cong port expansion and modernization project (phase 1).

- The Dien Cong port technology line innovation project.

- The investment project for serving coal processing and mixing.

- The production operator and coal transportation system investment projects from Khe Ngat to Dien Cong port (phase 1).

The Vinacomin Chairman has directed the unit to overcome some shortcomings in environmental protection, and industrial hygiene in warehouse and port areas, roads, and premises of production management areas (completed in May 2024).

On the other hand, coordinate with specialized departments of the Group to review the type and quality of coal at port warehouses, based on coal sale demand to process and mix to meet sales and achieve efficiency in production, business, re-planning coal warehouses to ensure coal import and export.

The Vinacomin Chairmen also directed units to coordinate with localities and functional agencies to resolve and remove difficulties and obstacles in investment procedures, land lease, compensation and site clearance.

We are carrying out well the work of storm prevention, industrial hygiene, and environmental protection in areas, developing green, clean and beautiful environmental landscapes, and implementing the policy "Bringing park into the Vinacomin plants”.


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