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Vinacomin has deployed the business coordination plan in 2021

 - In Quang Ninh, Vietnam Coal and Minerals Industries Group (Vinacomin) held a conference to deploy a business coordination plan and sign a contract for exploiting and processing coal and minerals in 2021.

Vinacomin General Director Dang Thanh Hai speaks at the Conference.

Assessing the implementation of production and business plan in 2020, General Director Dang Thanh Hai considered 2020 as an year when Vinacomin faced many difficulties but also a successful year for the group.

The Group has successfully implemented the "double goal" - to prevent Covid - 19 pandemic and stabilize production and business activities, and was one of few state groups and corporations with the top business targets, achieving a plan profit.

At the same time, the Group administered the costs of coal, alumina; developed the management regulations in accordance with the State's regulations and well looked after the life of the employees.

It is expected that in 2020, the turnover of the Group will achieve 121,000 billion VND; profit estimated at over 2,500 billion VND; contribution to the State budget reached 18,000 billion VND. In particular, the Group has reached 700,000 tons of equivalent alumina, exceeding the designed capacity and over 10 billion kWh of electricity ... The Group and its units have secured jobs, shared difficulties and ensured salary and income for the employees.

The delegates in the conference.

Regarding the business plan in 2021, the Vinacomin set a common goal “Safety - Development - Efficiency";  incessantly renovating, creating, applying new advantage and modern technologies; promoting deep processing for creating the product chains and the value added chains on coal and minerals production basis, increasing labor productivity and competent ability.

  Accordingly, the Group will continues to perfect the model "Coal Production and Trade", performing a mixture of domestic coal and imported coal at an appropriate rate; maximizing the advantage potential and strength of the whole Group, persisting in a striving goal to become a leading enterprise in the non-ferrous metal industry in Vietnam. Continuing to manage and operate the existing power plants to ensure their capacity and safety operation; focusing on researching and developing the new products on the basis of promoting core values ​​and strengths of the Mining Chemical Industry Corporation. For the mechanical and other production, business fields, it will be developed  in accordance with the Group's size.

The General Director Dang Thanh Hai stressed the Vinacomin plan targets in 2021 as a total turnover of the group expected 123,880 billion VND, benefit – 3,000 billion; coal sale – 42 million tons; crude coal production – 38.5 million tons, among that production by mechanization mining must be at least 15.8% of total pit coal production; taking off the layer of earth and rock – 167.26 million cubic meters; digging kilns – 259.93 km…

At the conference, a ceremony for signing agreement to implement business plan in 2021 took place. The representatives of the units signed the mining agreement and responsibility agreement with the Vinacomin General Director, agreement on using each other’s products and the general agreement of the whole group.

The ceremony for signing business plan agreement in 2021


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