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Five key tasks of Vinacomin in 2022

 - With the outstanding successes of Vietnam Coal and Mineral Industries Group (Vinacomin) achieved in 2021 and good news as a favorable starting rightly from the early days of the Nham Dan Lunar New Year, all the employees of the Group with an encouraging emotional state achieved the outstanding successes rightly in the first quarter and in 2022.

In 2022, the Group expects to seriously fulfill 5 following key tasks:

Firstly: To thoroughly and high effectively implement without a subjective and an inattentive spirit Covid-19 pandemic prevention; take advantage of favorable opportunities to promote producing and selling products with a goal to thoroughly prevent pandemic and produce and trade with the highest results

Secondly, the leaders at all levels of the group promote the unique, complete and comprehensive leadership and direction roles and be centers of the solidarity, democracy and initiative in directing to carry out the tasks in all market and pandemic developments affecting production and business of the unites and group.

Thirdly, To successfully implement the goals and norms of the plan rightly in the first day, month and quarter of 2022 and the resolutions of the third congress of Vinacomin Party Committee and the Five Congress of Quang Ninh Coal Party Committee for the period of 2020-2025; always to keep the word “credibility” for the partners and customers; and inspect the principle “To share difficulties, to divide victory”

Fourthly, To organize efficient deploying Resolution No 21-NQ/ĐU on January 6 2022 of Vinacomin Party Committee on focusing to successfully lead and direct the political tasks of 2022; promote management by applying digital technology; strengthen human resource development, inspect and supervise implementing tasks.

Fifthly, To strengthen taking care of the life and working environment for employees; promote labor productivity; preserve and develop sustainable relationships with local people; launch the movement for emulating production in the Group, strive to achieve the highest productivity and efficiency.

In 2022 Vinacomin sets a goal to achieve 131.6 thousand billion VND, increasing 2% than in 2021, payment to state budget of 18.1 thousand billion VND, the group benefit of 3.5 thousand billion VND and average salary of 13.6 million VND/person/month.

The Group should strive to sell 43 million coal tons including 41.2 million tons in domestic market and 1.8 million tons for exporting.

Vinacomin should also produce crude coal of 39.1 million tons; the cooper fine ore of 100.6 thousand tons and electricity of 9.6 billion kWh.


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