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Vinacomin promotes selling coal with high quality

 - In November 2020, Vietnam National Coal and Mineral Industries Group (Vinacomin) will promote selling coal, especially coal with high quality. The group strives to exploit 3 million tons of the crude coal and to sell 3.4 million tons of the coal products in November 2020.


The information from the online hand over conference  on the results of production and business in October, and activities for production and business management in November of Vinacomin shows that in October, the whole group exploited 3.03 million tons of crude coal; took off 15.36 million cubic meters  of soil and stone; dug up 22,865 meters of the kiln including 1,430 meters of basic construction kiln; produced 110,000 tons of alumina, 1,200 tons of copper plates, 941 tons of zinc bars, 15,110 tons of steel  billets and 774 kWh of electricity.

In 10 months, the group produced 32.78 million tons of the crude coal, equal to 85% of year plan; sold 35 million of coal products; the production of electricity, other minerals… also reached planned targets. The turnover of the whole group reached 100,460 billion VND, the state payment reached 17.22 billon VND, equal to 92% of the planned target and increased by 15% in comparison with that in the same period of the last year; the average salary of the group was 12.42 million VND/month.

For deploying tasks in November, V inacomin General Director Dang Thanh Hai required to manage production in accordance with market demand, promote selling coal with high quality, strive to exploit 3 million tons of crude coal and sell 3.4 million tons of coal products.

The General Director also asked the member units to speed up the activities for saving, anti-wastefulness, looking after the life of the workers, implementing social welfare and assisting localities facing difficulties by the Covid-19 pandemic and flood disaster.

In the current situation of the rainstorm, the group leadership requires member units to proactively take measures to prevent and completely handle the barriers and enclosed walls for avoiding coal loss and ensuring safety for the employees in rainstorm season.

In particular, the units must to strictly implement the instructions No 158/TKV-AT of Vinacomin General Director on promoting safe activities in IV quarter of 2020; proactively to closely cooperate with the local authorities to inspect, control and protect natural resources in the boundaries with the exploiting license, and in the boundaries with the managing resources.



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