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Eight key targets of Vinacomin in 2021

 - In 2020, the socio-economic situation of the country strongly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and floods in the Central region, Vietnam National Coal and Mineral Industries Group (Vinacomin) had to face with a lot of difficulties. However, with the efforts of the employees, the Group successfully completed the plan with ensuring the production and business targets for 2020 as the proposed Resolution.


On the morning of January 4, 2021, Vinacomin held an online briefing conference at 6 points for production management in January 2020.

Speaking at the Conference, Mr. Le Minh Chuan, Secretary of the Party Committee, Chairman of the Member  Council of Vinacomin acknowledged and praised the results achieved in 2020 and affirmed that this is the premise for the Group to implement planed targets in 2021.

Mr. Chuan emphasized eight key targets of Vinacomin in 2021 as follow:

Firstly: Highlighting the solidarity spirit, upholding the tradition of "Discipline - Concentricity"; All of the peoples are for a common goal to make Vinacomin more and more developed to deserve trust of the party, state leaders, ministries, agencies and localities in the group.

Secondly: Sticking to the planned targets at highest level,  overcoming  imitations and difficulties for successfully implementing the Resolutions of the Party Congresses of Vinacomin, Quang Ninh Province, and the upcoming 13th National Party Congress.

Thirdly: Creating a new breakthrough, especially in applying scientific advances of the 4.0 technologic revolution into production, management in accordance with the scale and characteristics of each unit and the whole Group with the goal to change Vinacomin  to the market mechanism, with advanced governance, developed technology, high labor productivity, harmonious and friendly working environment, for life and health of the labors.

Fourthly: Vinacomin together with the state and local management agencies will actively participate directly in building policies, mechanisms, strategies and development planning of the group in the economic development of the country.

Fifthly: Paying attention to care and build high quality human resources with a good workmanship, skilled, dedication to the job, the profession love and always putting the Group's interests first.

Sixthly: Party committees at all levels are responsible for creating a democratic and equal environment within the Group and units, ensuring the rights, obligations and interests of employees; promoting and deepening the culture of Vinacomin Miners.

Seventhly: To take advantage of the facilitation, help, and consolidate the confidence of the party committees, and competence levels towards the employees of the Group. In  2020, although there was a lot of challenges, Vinacomin miners continued to affirm that the revolutionary working class is always following the Party. Even in the most difficult times, Vinacomin miners still passionately work in the deep undergrounds, upstairs and in the plants.

Eighthly: The Group continues to raise the vigilant spirit for doing well pandemic prevention, not letting any Vinacomin worker get infected with Covid - 19. First of all, the group will take care and ensure employees of the whole group to welcome the traditional New Year of Tan Suu safely and warmly.

According to Vinacomin Chairman, the new year 2021 brings many positive prospects, but there will also be many interlacing challenges. To maintain the growth rate as outlined by the Resolutions of the Party Committees at all levels, it requires higher efforts of all employees of the Group.

In his speaking, Vinacomin General Director Dang Thanh Hai called for the whole group to immediately start production with the highest impetus and spirit, strive for achieving good output right from the first day of the year and determine completing excellently planned targets of 2021.

At the same time, Mr. Dang Thanh Hai noted the things to do immediately at the units, especially the underground production block must need to review all working positions after the new year holiday, to do well the ventilation, water drainage for ensuring safe production conditions.

Trusting and promoting the achieved results and the solidarity spirit "Discipline - Concentricity"; together with the inspiring guidance and innovative measures in management and operation of the leaders of the Party Committee, Member Council of the Group, Vinacomin will have a successful year in 2021.



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