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Vinacomin production is stable during the Covid-19 pandemic

 - Vietnam Coal - Minerals Industry Group (Vinacomin) informed that, in February 2021, with drastic direction in urgently implementing measures to prevent epidemics Covid-19 pandemic and actively promoting production from the first days and the first months, all Vinacomin activities are stably sustainable with basically ensuring the planned production targets.


In February 2021, the production and business activities of the Group and member units were affected by many objective factors such as the actual number of working days was less than that of the months in the year due to the Tan Suu Lunar New Year holidays, and broking out again and complicatedly happening of Covid-19 pandemic in some localities, including Quang Ninh province - the key area of ​​Vinacomin.

In February, Vinacomin Group produced 2.9 million tons of crude coal, 114 tons of equivalent alumina, 646 million kWh of electricity, and sold 2.94 million tons clean coal.

 In two first months of 2021, Vinacomin has implemented production of 5.77 million tons of crude coal, 5.2 million tons of clean finished coal, sale of 6.44 million tons of clean coal, taking off 26.3 million cubic, digging 33.251meters of the kiln. The production and business targets in producing minerals, electricity, chemicals ... have been completed as  planned.

A total turnover of the group in two first months of 2021 was 17,536 billion VND and average salary achieved  11.6 million VND/person/month.

To respond Tan Suu Lunar Tet for tree planting, the units of the group 141,727 green trees on area of 37 ha.

In particular, in anti Covid-19 pandemic campaign, Vinacomin supported 1,0 billion VND for Hai Duong province and 2,0 billion VND for Quang Ninh province.

In March, the key task of Vinacomin is still strictly implementing the directions of the Government, ministries, agencies on Covid-19 pandemic prevention with a goal of controlling the epidemic and ensure production and business of the group in the normal operation.

According to the plan, in March 2021, Vinacomin should implement producing 3.7 million tons of crude coal, selling 4 million tons of clean coal, taking off 17.5 million cubic meters of soil and rock, digging 23,000 meters of the kiln, producing 127,000 tons of alumina and 863 million kWh of electricity.


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