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ABB put into operation the SPP in Bac Ninh city

 - ABB has just inaugurated the solar power system with a capacity of 75kW in ABB Plant for High Voltage Equipment and Medium Voltage Electricity Distribution Solutions in Bac Ninh city.


This Solar Power System includes the three phase frequency inverters (TRIO-27.6, TRIO-TM-50.0), a Miniature Meteorological Station (VNS800) and ABB's smart low-voltage breakers and the technologies using ABB Ability ™ integrated digital solution platform with an aim to guarantee optimum efficiency, high automatic ability, and to save space and costs.

The frequency inverters converting direct current (DC) produced from solar panels into high-quality alternating current (AC) that can be integrated into the power grid.

ABB's new TRIO-TM-50.0 with the modular form, consisting of three configurable and coupled modules, an auxiliary DC power module, an auxiliary AC module and a frequency inverter module, helps to easy install and maintain.

With the built-in Web User Interface (WUI), all inverters can be controlled, maintained and monitored remotely via any web-enabled device (smartphone, tablet or personal computer). Global service specialists are always available to remotely assist and troubleshoot.

ABB's miniature meteorological station VSN800 is used to automatically monitor the weather conditions at the site and the solar panel temperature in fact, transmitting sensor-based measurement results to the integrated digital platform ABB Ability ™.  

ABB's intelligent low-voltage breakers allow for seamless integration of renewable energy into existing grids. Systems are also built with the ability to monitor and discharge the load so that to optimize operation and maximize operation time of the system.

All data available in the cloud provides real-time visibility from the beginning to the end of the entire system. Flexible and secure software platform provides supervisors with the accurate tools that help to improve productivity, quality and compliance.

Mr.Doan Luong Huy, the Director of ABB high voltage equipment plant said "With this photovoltaic project, we can demonstrate that ABB technology is capable of operating in challenging weather conditions in Vietnam. At the same time, the project helps us to save electricity, support electricity demand during peak hours and reduce our dependence on the power grid".

ABB is a pioneer in the field of medium and low voltage electrical equipment, robots and driven, industrial automation and equipment of electrical systems, serving customers in the electricity and water supplies, transportation & infrastructure around the world.

Continuing the history of more than 130 years, today ABB is setting up the future of digitalization of industries with two distinct goals: providing a wide range of electrical solutions, bringing electricity from the power plant to the socket and automation of the process of industrial production from the natural materials to the finished products ...


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