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Doosan Vina’s Modules enter the Malaysia market

 - Although the Module is a new product produced at Doosan Vina in recent years to supply to industrial projects, power plants, and petrochemical plants, Doosan Vina has been asserting its competitiveness in the sector on the international market.
Doosan Vina’s Modules enter the Malaysia market
The first 9 modules out of 34 units under the Sarawak Methanol project are being transporting to Doosan Vina’s port to ship to Malaysia

With the supply of three big consecutive orders with a total of 73 Modules weighing nearly 17,000 tons for Samsung Engineering Co., Ltd (SECL) since the both sides signed the cooperation framework agreement on June 29, 2018 including the WHRP project (12 units), CFP project (27 units), and Sarawak Methanol project (34 units) have shown the practicality of modules in building the giant industrial plants. Modularization is currently one of the optimal solutions that many investors select because in this way, they can easily accelerate the schedule and improve quality as well as minimize risks and control the field construction costs.

The Sarawak project was signed with the SECL on June 4, 2021 involved the fabrication and supply of nearly 10,000 tons of equipment including steel structures, pipes and racks of the power system that are formed into 34 Modules and 01 Reformer for the Methanol plant of the Sarawak Petrochemical Refinery complex (with a capacity of 5,000 tons of chemical products per day), located in the coastal Bintulu city, Sarawak state, Malaysia.

After nine months of production, the first 9 modules weighing 709 tons were completed and handed over to the construction site in the first shipment on April 14, 2022. Of these, the largest module weighs 118 tons, is 43m long, 13,7m high and 11,5m wide. Once completed installation, these modules will become a complete oil and gas pipeline system at the Methanol plant of the Sarawak Petrochemical Refinery.

Doosan Vina’s Modules enter the Malaysia market
The largest module weighs 118 tons, is 43m long, 13,7m high and 11,5m wide.

“Because of their huge size and weight, the erection and alignment of the modules caused many difficulties for us when we had to ensure the size and operating conditions the same as in reality at the construction site. The assembly process has taken place under the close supervision of customer experts. Currently, we are focusing on the erection of 09 modules for the second shipment which is expected to be made in the end of April of 2022.” Kim Soon Tae, leader of the Project Management Team, Doosan Vina said.

As planned, the whole project will be manufactured in 15 months with 5 shipments and about to finish in November 2022.

Back in March 2020, Doosan Vina supplied two projects of WHRP and CFP for SECL including 39 modules weighing nearly 6,000 tons. These modules are now on a mission to increase flexibility in crude oil processing at the Ruwais Refinery in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

Doosan Vina

Doosan Vina is a high-tech industrial complex in the Dung Quat Economic Zone of Central Vietnam’s Quang Ngai Province employing 2,000 Vietnamese. The company supplies the mega infrastructure products that make modern life a reality. Doosan Vina’s products include Boilers for thermal power plants, Desalination plants are the size of a football pitch that turn seawater into fresh, Material Handling Systems like cranes that are the heart of logistics at ports around the world, Modularization and Structural Steel for refineries, buildings, and infrastructure developments.

The Doosan Group

The Doosan Group is a global multinational focusing on Power, Water, and other infrastructure developments worldwide. The company is headquartered in Seoul, South Korea has operations in 38 countries, over 42,600 employees, and $22 billion in annual revenue.


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