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EVN is ‘digitalized’ to boost construction investment efficiency

 - Many member organizations of Vietnam Electricity (EVN) have been promoting the application of digital transformation in production, business, investment and construction activities to improve efficiency and strengthen supervision.

“Digitalization” to improve accuracy

Today, technology has been gradually changing the way projects are designed, constructed and operated as PECC2 adopts BIM (Building Information Model). This technology is likened to a "smart brain" of the modern construction industry and is a process of simulating and using information models in the design, construction and operation stages.

“The entire work process is based on this set of information, and they are constantly updated and supplemented throughout the work process: from sketching until the project completion. With BIM, information and data will be stored on a cloud system, thereby facilitating the exchange and interaction between project participants in an accurate manner. Warnings about conflicts and irrational points can be detected intelligently and flexibly through the 3D design model," said a PECC2 representative.

Considered a revolutionary element in project design, construction and management, BIM is gradually becoming one of the determinants of the growth of contractors around the world.

With the Scan to BIM application, the current status of the project will be captured in detail with the most accurate information. With the ability to precisely restore the original model of the project, as well as the lost data, the recovery of damaged as-built project data, is no longer too difficult.

In addition, the application can evaluate discrepancies and deformations of the project over time, thereby helping to assess the project safety and making disaster and risk prevention plans. An electronic library of the project will be established and modeled to help permanently store project records in digital space instead of discrete existing libraries.

Al application for project monitoring

The goal is to automatically check images of project construction positions being updated on the Investment Management Information System - IMIS, in order to identify objects in images such as concrete foundations; supervisors; earthlings; measuring tools; signs.

The promotion of digital transformation in EVN's member organizations has helped reduce time, and costs and improve labor productivity. EVN has been increasingly asserting its position by promoting digital transformation.


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