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EVN sharing difficulties with people affected by flood

 - From 16th - 18th July, 2018, the working delegation led by Mr. Do Duc Hung - Vice President of EVN’s Labour union went to Ha Giang, Lai Chau Provinces to visit and donate VND 1 billion to support local people of the provinces suffering from recent flood.

The delegation working and presenting VND 500 million to Fatherland Front Committee of Ha Giang Province - receiving unit of assistance for local people suffering from natural disasters and floods in Ha Giang Province.

EVN Labour union’s Vice President Do Duc Hung said that each EVN officer, staff had spent a day’s wage to assist victims affected by flood in Ha Giang and Lai Chau Provinces. Accordingly, the delegation has presented to each province a financial support of VND 500 million.

“Spiritual and material encouragement and support from EVN was very prompt and necessary which somewhat allayed the worries of people after severe consequences of natural disasters” said by Mr. Trieu Quoc Luong, Vice Chairman of Fatherland Front Committee of Ha Giang Province.

The delegation visiting staff and employees of Lai Chau High-voltage Power Grid Branch under Northern High-voltage Power Grid Company

In the working visit, the delegation visited staff, employees of Power Companies of Ha Giang, Lai Chau and supported VND 100 million to each unit; VND 50 million to Phong Tho 110-kV substation under Lai Chau High-voltage Power Grid Branch (Northern High-voltage Power Grid Company).

Mr. Do Duc Hung praised the work spirit of EVN’s staff and employees in 2 provinces who urgently deployed to remedy post-flood incidents and ensure absolute safety for workers and people in the localities.

The delegation visiting and encouraging two families of staff and employees of Ha Giang Power Company severely affected by flood. In the photo: Mrs. Hoang Phuong Man’s family - worker of Power Company in Ha Giang City, one of two families receiving support from EVN.

Over the past years, EVN has always proactively conducted such activities of sharing difficult with people in the damaged areas by natural calamity as material support, assisting in construction of temporary housing for people, installing temporary power lines for people in flooded area, etc.

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