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Vietnam Energy Forum

Upcoming event- The Second Vietnam Clean Energy Forum

 - On April 07, 2022, in Hanoi, with the participation of the Scientific-Technologic and Environmental Committee of Vietnam Assembly, State Bank, Climate Change Department- Ministry of Natural Resource and Environment (MNRE), Institute of Energy- Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT), Vietnam and International Organizations and Enterprises… Scientific Council of Vietnam Energy Review and Vietnam Energy Information Center organize the Vietnam Clean Energy Forum (the Second) with the subject: "Towards Net Carbon –the Mechanisms, Policies, Technologies and Finance for the Solar, Wind and Gas power projects”.

At COP 26 in Glasgow, the Prime Minister (PM) announced that Vietnam should put Net- Green House Gas (GHG) to Zero by 2050 that opening great opportunities for clean energy development in Vietnam in the future. However, there is a series of challenges and bottles in a number of the regulations on legalities, technologies, and mechanisms of the current state management. The clean energy technologies are new things for the Vietnam market, the ability to integrate the changing renewable energy (RE) projects with a high rate to the power system still does not get feasibility, the domestic financial sources are limited, while the international capital sources require the commitments on stable policies.

Upcoming event- The Second Vietnam Clean Energy Forum
Vietnam Clean Energy Forum (Second time) with the theme: "Towards carbon neutrality - Mechanisms, policies, technology, finance for wind power, solar power, gas power projects".

The Forum of Vietnam Clean Energy (Second time) with the subject “Towards Net Zero Carbon Emission – Policies, Mechanisms, Technologies and Finance for the Solar, Wind and Gas power projects” is an occasion for State authorities, investors, credit organizations, enterprises and scientists to share, exchange and analyze problems, inadequacies in current policies, and mechanisms of RE development.

The forum will focus on the main following subjects:

1. The new challenges in clean energy development in Vietnam as in power development planning (PDP), land management, bidding for selecting the investors, contractors, preparing investment, financial arrangement; domestic and imported fuel sources; project capability to participate electricity market; opportunity of local authorities.

2. Mechanism to select investors in solar, wind and gas power projects.

3. The policies to finance preferential capital for RE projects with high tech.

4. The conditions to funding credits for developing clean energy projects; international experiences on attracting investment sources, credit issues for clean energy projects.

5. The equipment producers and suppliers introduce the technologies of the model equipment with high efficiencies and connected with environmental protection. The international experiences for selecting model, sustainable and harmonized by prices as well as experience to develop the technical –technological standards and create a legal and transparent framework in project development.

6. The mechanisms and solutions for promoting RE development.

7. Other issues proposed by the investors, credit, and equipment suppliers.

From the above subjects, the forum will focus on discussing and sharing the solutions needed to be taken down as:

1. The regulations on organizing bidding for selecting investors

2. The conditions to borrow credit capital of the domestic commercial credit organizations for the domestic investors in accordance with regulations of Vietnam state bank are inadequate for both the bank and investo3. The power purchase agreements (PPA) ò the projects are not suitable with the conditions for loaning of the foreign credit organizations.

4. The power grid infrastructure is weak, not synchronous for concreting technical basis for integrating the RE projects. Separating the power grid of the investors for integrating RE projects and the power grid of EVN.

5. The consensus of the local authority (policy, arranging land and supporting compensation fund and site clearance).

6. A number of current inadequate related to lack of technical, environmental safety standards for the RE and clean energy projects.

7. The solutions, mechanisms, and policies proposed by investors, credit and equipment suppliers.

At the forum, Top 10 IPP prestige investors in Vietnam in 2021” and TOP 10 Enterprises with the best solar, wind power technologies, equipment, and services in Vietnam 2021” should be honored.

At the end of the Forum, the Scientific Council of Vietnam Energy Magazine would synthesize and propose issues for competent authorities to issue suitable regulations and mechanisms, for removing difficulties, increasing feasibility for PDP implementation, and contributing to implementing international commitments of Vietnam on net-zero carbon emission by 2050.


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