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EVN to digitalise all facilities on transmission lines by 2022

 - The Electricity of Vietnam (EVN) is planning to have all equipment on transmission lines and 80 percent of 110 kV circuit facilities digitalised from now to 2022.

By 2025, EVN will have digitalised 100 percent of facilities on medium- and higher-voltage power lines, according to EVN Chairman Dương Quang Thanh.

To that end, EVN will press on with applying digital technologies like Internet of Things, big data, and cloud computing, he said, noting that it will use artificial intelligence (AI) in monitoring and examination and make use of cameras and smart drones to repair lines.

It will continue research on building information models and digital worker platforms to serve its staff while developing AI applications for image analysis and data governance.

EVN said it has completed 61 of the 63 centers for remote control of transformer stations and converted 670 of the 844 transformer stations into unmanned ones. It also put into operation the first digital transformer station on the 110 kV circuit, located in northern Bắc Ninh Province, in January 2020 and the first one on the 220 kV circuit, in northern Hải Phòng City, last December.

Ten firms have also applied drones to examining equipment and handling problems on transmission lines without cutting off the power.



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