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EVNGENCO 3 has found strategic investors

 - With the desire to find strategic investors with sufficient financial capacity, strengths in managing and operating power plants, a mission of Electricity of Vietnam (EVN) headed by Mr. Dinh Quang Tri, the Vice General Dirctor in coodination with KPMG organized a Roadshow in Singapore for promoting the image of EVN Generation Corporation 3 (EVNGENCO 3), introducing investment opportunites in and shares buy of EVNGENCO 3 to the international investors.


Mr. Dinh Quang Tri is answering questions at the  Roadshow in Singapore.

There were 19 famous investors in energy sector from the region and the world as Ratchaburi, Nebras Power, GS Energy Corporation, Siemens AG, GE Capital, Itochu, China Datang Power, Keppel Infrastructure, Osaka Gas… as well as Financial institutions and reputable Law Firms to participate in the Roadshow.

At the Roadshow, investors raised a lot of questions about the power purchase agreement (PPA), equitization roadmap for strategic investors, deposits, stock prices sold to strategic investors, EVNGENCO 3 development plans in future, fuel (coal, gas) contracts.

Besides, the investors also concerned about the issues on policy of Vietnam to protect foreign investors, or difficulties they face when having to register for shares and deposits in a short term.

All questions of the investors were answered by EVN and EVNGENCO 3 representatives and when the Roadshow ended, some of the investors expressed their interest and desire to become strategic investors of EVNGENCO 3 and commited to send to EVN applications for strategic investors in time.

According to the approved roadmap, 11h30 of January 15, 2018 was the dead line of receiving applications for strategic investors of EVNGENCO 3. In fact, up to January 15, 2018 EVN had received a number of official applications from foreign investors which register to buy at maximum  36% of charter capital of EVNGENCO 3. Therefore, coming time EVN will report to the competent authority to sell the shares in form of an auction.

Implementing the Decision No 2100/QD/TTg dated 27/12/2017 of the Prime Minister on approving equitization of EVNGENCO 3 with selling 749.12 million equivalent to 36% of charter capital of the Corporation for the strategic investor, on January 05, 2018, EVN announced on the mass media about seeking strategic investors, as well as sent letters to concening investors which desire to become the strategic investors of EVNGENCO 3.


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