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GOLDWIND and BIDV establish a cooperative relationship

 - On November 17, 2021, Goldwind International Vietnam Co., Ltd signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with BIDV (Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam).
GOLDWIND and BIDV establish a cooperative relationship

Accordingly, Goldwind and BIDV will cooperate together to support owners of wind power projects. In which, Goldwind- the second turbine OEM supplier of the world will manufacture and provide turbines, O&M service.

Additionally, BIDV- top banks of Vietnam will support and provide credit and financial services for the wind projects

Attending the signing ceremony, there are Mr. Tran Long - Deputy General Director of BIDV, Mr. Wang Hai - Deputy General Director of Goldwind - the owner of Goldwind International Vietnam Co., Ltd.

The signing ceremony of the MOU between Goldwind and BIDV is really an important milestone in the journey of building a cooperative relationship between the two entities.

GOLDWIND and BIDV establish a cooperative relationship

Goldwind is the world's leading provider of renewable energy solutions. Since its establishment, Goldwind has always taken "Innovating for a brighter tomorrow" as its mission. The wind power industry is a long-distance race that tests endurance. Only through advanced technology, high-quality product quality and reliable service as a practical guarantee can Goldwind create true value for customers and the society in the whole life cycle of wind farms. Therefore, the company always regards reliability as the core of its overall work, and through in-depth cooperation with internationally renowned certification agencies, international standards run through all links from product design, delivery to the factory, and stable operation throughout the wind project life cycle. The customized solutions of the field provide the best guarantee.

Up to now, Goldwind has achieved more than 42,000 wind turbines installation worldwide, with a total installed capacity of more than 77GW. The installed capacity covers 6 continents and 32 countries around the world. Goldwind has operated and managed more than 50GW of global wind power. Meanwhile, Goldwind is also actively participating in the development and construction of wind farms with its professional capabilities, and has accumulated projects around the world.

The Southeast Asia region has always been one of Goldwind's international business strategic areas with the Vietnamese market as the core. Goldwind has long been optimistic about the development of renewable energy in the Vietnamese market. With the closing of the COP26 meeting, the plan for renewable energy in the Vietnamese market Development will reach a new level, while helping to reduce emissions and ultimately achieving the net-zero carbon emission goal, it will also provide reliable power guarantees for the economic development of Vietnam. To this end, Goldwind has established a full-chain business in Vietnam including marketing, project development, wind farm construction, operation and maintenance, and established localized offices in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh, and a solution factory in Binh Duong. The solution factory model deepens and implements the business localization and realizes the operation goal of local business integration in the country.


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