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Goldwind Lidar won "2021 Smart Technology Innovation Award" issued by ASEAN Wind Energy 2021 (AWE2021)

 - Goldwind is honored to receive -"2021 Smart Technology Innovation Award" for Goldwind E-farm Lidar. This is one of the most reputation award which get much expectation, attention of all wind energy market.
Goldwind Lidar won

E-Farm LiDAR assisted control technology senses in advance and accurately captures the ever-changing multi-dimensional information about the wind and helps the wind turbine operating in a feedforward control mode, which respond to the changes of wind with advanced identification algorithms to significantly reduce the loads and improve the adaptability and stability of the wind turbine.

E-Farm LiDAR can significantly reduce the load of key parts by 5% to 10%, for specific projects, combining different application solutions,it can also increase power generation according to site specific condition. Take the research and development of a new model as an example:

One feature is to realize the lightweight design and weight reduction of the unit (such as blades, towers, foundations, etc.)

The second is to improve the safety and stability of the WTG.

The third is to improve the adaptability of the WTG. Through load reduction, the unit can be equipped with larger impellers to adapt to higher turbulence and special wind conditions.

“E-Farm intelligent control technology of Goldwind has been certified by DNV-GL in 2017, and was officially launched at the Beijing International Wind Energy Conference and Exhibition in the same year. It has obtained a total of 3GW purchase orders, which are widely used in Goldwind WTGs so far.

Wind power is a multi-disciplinary coupling application, from aerodynamics to electromechanical, materials, structure, to hydrodynamics, geotechnical engineering, etc. The key to the high-quality development of the industry lies in the cohesion of talents in various fields.

Goldwind always actively exploring the development and utilization of wind resources. It has continuously carried out in-depth research in various fields such as wake model and wind power forecasting, and strive to continuously improve and optimize via accumulation, as to lay the foundation for subsequent technical improvements.


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