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T&T visits Goldwind's Asia Remote Operation Center (ROC)

 - In last August 2022, the delegation of T&T group visited the Remote Operation Center (ROC) of Goldwind Vietnam.

T&T visits Goldwind's Asia Remote Operation Center (ROC)

Goldwind Asia Remote operation Center.

On the side of T&T Group, it was led by Mrs. Nguyen Thi Thanh Binh - Deputy General Director of the group and other senior leaders.

Welcoming T&T Group, on Goldwind's side, it were Mr. Dong Yi Ming,Asia General Manager and other leaders at Goldwind ROC center in Ho Chi Minh city.

During this visit, Ms. Nguyen Thi Thanh Binh highly appreciated the results that Goldwind has achieved in recent years in the Vietnamese market. Although it is not a long time, the achievements that Goldwind has made the initial confirmation the prestige and quality of wind turbines and services that Goldwind brings to the Vietnamese market.

Currently, T&T Group is also using Goldwind's turbines and services at the 155MW Cho Long wind power project in Gia Lai province. Ms. Bình also expressed her satisfaction with the tireless efforts from Goldwind, especially during the extremely difficult time of Covid.

During the visit to Goldwind's ROC center, T&T Group clearly saw Goldwind's strategy in localization and long-term commitment in Vietnam, which was shown not only by providing quality turbines, but also by the big investment in building SF Solution Factory, ROC Remote Control Center and a regional warehouse in Binh Duong in order to best support Goldwind's wind power projects in Vietnam and throughout Asia. With a regional system of SF Solution Factory, warehouses, and ROC Remote Control Systems, Goldwind will help wind power projects predict and avoid risks when errors occur, in addition, also help reduce time for wind power projects to replace and repair when necessary.

After this visit, both groups have opened up many opportunities for cooperation, especially from Goldwind, who will support T&T Group to implement the future projects, with knowledge and experience in the field of renewable energy and wind power development.

T&T Group is one of the leading private economic groups in Vietnam, operating in multiple industries, and making a mark in the field of energy development. In 2020, T&T Group has put into operation and invested in 5 solar power plants with a total capacity of 345MWp. From 2021 to now, T&T Group has put into operation many wind power plants across the country with a total capacity of 530MW. According to the plan, in the next 10 years, the power supply capacity of T&T Group (LNG and renewable energy) is expected to reach about 12,000-15,000MW, accounting for nearly 10% of the total installed capacity of powerofVietnam.

Goldwind is the world's second largest wind turbine supplier with around 87GW installed capacity and51GW ongoing O&M service capacity. With the rich of experiencein wind power, Goldwind can support and share with T&T in technology and techniques for wind power projects that have been, are and will come into operation.


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