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Vietnam Energy Forum

Vietnam Clean Energy Forum and Voteing the Leading clean energy enterprises in Vietnam 2020

 - On 23/12/2020, in Ho Chi Minh City, under the direction of the Office of the National Steering Committee for Electricity Development, the Science Council of Vietnam Energy Magazine organized the “First Vietnam Clean Energy Forum and Summurising the vote of the Leading clean energy enterprises in Vietnam 2020.

 Entire the Vietnam Clean Energy Forum.

Speaking at the opening of the Forum, Mr. Nguyen Thai Son – Permanent Member of Science Council of Vietnam Energy Magazine said: Under the close direction of the Party and the Government, the active participation of the entire society in recent 20 years, the electricity industry has developed strongly and basically met the electricity demand for socio-economic development. Up to now, the power system capacity has reached about 58,000 MW, the commercial electricity output per capita in 2019 has reached nearly 2,500 kWh, making an important contribution to high-speed economic development over the recent decades.

Mr. Nguyen Thai Son - Standing Science Council, Vietnam Energy Magazine

In the power generation structure of the country recently, the capacity of power plants with clean energy increasingly grew (including 20,800 MW hydropower, 20,400 MW gas turbines, 8,000 MW RE as wind, solar and biomass power). At present, the proportion of clean power plants has reached 61% of the total installed capacity of the system. Among  these, accounting only in recent 2 years (to October 2020), there were 11 wind power projects with a total capacity of 494 MW, 106 solar power projects with a total capacity of 5,853 MW invested by private sector put into operation.

According to statistics, up to now, clean power projects which have been added to the National Power Development Planning (NPDP) and Provincial Power  Development Planning (PPDP) with operational progress before 2021, include 187 wind power projects (capacity of 11,419 MW), 135 solar power projects (capacity 13,617 MW). In addition, there are about 320 solar power projects with a capacity of 34,000 MW and 300 wind power projects with a capacity of about 74,000 MW are proposed by investors and localities to be supplemented to the NPDP and PPDP before the period 2021 - 2023.

Regarding the LNG power, up to now, there 11 projects have been added to the NPDP with a total capacity of 16,100 - 16,400 MW. So it is affirmed that, the power generation projects supplemented to PDP in Vietnam recently, currently and prospectively mainly clean energy projects.

However, at present, we are facing many difficulties and barriers such as problems on machanisms, policies, planning and investment, capital mobilization, site clearance procedures, synchronous power grid development and lack of technical standards affecting too much transparency and stimulation of clean energy development.

Mr. Nguyen Anh Tuan - Chairman of the Council of Voting for the Top 10 Vietnam Clean Energy Enterprises 2020 of Vietnam Energy Magazine.

According to Mr. Nguyen Anh Tuan - Chairman of the Council of Voting for the Top 10 Vietnam Clean Energy Enterprises 2020 of Vietnam Energy Magazine, besides achievements and opportunities, the prompt developing clean energy projects in current and coming time are and would be facing a number of barriers and unfavorable factors, including:

Firstly: Many solar and wind power projects have to reduce generation due the transmission grid block, affecting project efficiency and turnover. Although over the recent 2 years, EVN invested in 21 grid projects from 110 to 500 kV with over 750 km of the lines and over 5,000 MVA transformer substations for releasing capacity of renewable projects. Many renewable energy investors invested in the power grid for connecting the power plants to the common transmission system by themselves, but the regulations on the scope of management, property handover ... are still unclear.

Second: Supplementing the new projects to the PDP still met difficulties due to the new provisions of the Law on Planning and current regulations are not consistent, often prolonging the investment process of the project, or sometimes the project was added to the PDP, but associated grid not yet approved.

Third: The incentive mechanisms through FIT will expire at the end of 2020 for solar power and November 2021 for wind power projects, while there are no the next mechanisms, so as it needs to promulgate bidding mechanism, or the new FIT.

Fourth: The current regulations on standards of RE types, the technical paramets of RE technologies are available, but a number of points are not clear, and concrete leading to difficulties for the electricity buyers (EVN), investors and equipment suppliers.

Fifth: Due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the world and Vietnam, the investment capital mobilization, the RE project equipment ordering, receiption and transportation, especially wind power equipment imported to Vietnam were severely affected (the time for executing order form prolongs, lacks of the experts for supervising project installation, taking over, etc.) and this situation is expected to continue the consequences after 2020.

Sixth: The current PPA does not yet contain provisions where the electricity buyers share risks with power investors, especially private investors.

Seventh: Land compensation, ground clearance for clean power projects are still inadequate, lack of coordination between state management agencies and local governments, extending the project implementation period.

Following Mr. Tuan report, the domestic and international investors, experts discussed the difficulties and problems with mechanisms and policies in developing clean energy projects in Vietnam such as:

1 / The inadequacy and overlap in a number of the legal documents on planning, investment, construction and bidding activities are creating difficulties in clean energy development in Vietnam. Specifically in power planning, land management planning, investment preparation, capital arrangement (in the absence of government guarantees and participation in the competitive electricity market) ... The discussions emphasized on regulations, as well as the inconsistency in the scope of sea surface management between central and local levels; sea ​​surface use fees are still unreasonable.

2 / Delay in procedure for the project appraisal, submission and approval.

3 / Grid infrastructure is weak and not synchronous to create a technical basis for integrating RE power projects leading to reduce capacity up to 30-40% of the solar and wind power projects in a number of recent time. This situation causted the great difficulties for investors in capital borrowing due to  significantly reducing the project effectiveness.

4 / The questions of sharing obligations and interests among investors in a cluster of RE power projects, connecting to a common transmission grid system.

5 / A number of inadequacies on technical standards for RE power projects, the regulations on treating solar PV panels at the end of the project are not issued with concreate instructions.

6 / The lack of synchronous coordination between state management agencies and local authorities in supporting investors (in land use planning, land compensation and site cleance).

7 / The participants also shared the status of rooftop solar PV development and great development opportunities for this type of projects in the southern provinces. The participants also mentioned the difficulties in promoting the service market to strongly deploy this type of projects in the coming time.

At the Forum, the Science Council of Vietnam Energy Magazine has announced the ranking of Top Vietnamese Clean Energy Enterprises in 2020 and TOP Vietnamese Clean Energy Enterprises with 2020 prospects, handed the certificates and  medals on enterprises to accompany the Forum.

Top 10 Vietnam Clean Energy Enterprises 2020



1/ Trung Nam Construction Investment Joint Stock Company

2/ Bim Energy Group Joint Stock Company

3/ Truong Thanh Group Vietnam Joint Stock Company

4/ Sao Mai Group

5 / BCG ENERGY Joint Stock Company

6 / TTP Phu Yen Joint Stock Company

Top 20 Vietnam Promising Clean Energy Enterprise 2020


1 / SOLAR ESCO Joint Stock Company

2 / Phu Cuong GROUP Group

3 / KTG ENERGY Joint Stock Company (KTG Energy)

4 / Green Energy Joint Stock Company ON ENERGY (ON Energy)

5 / KOSY Group

6 / SKYX SOLAR Joint Stock Company

 Enterprises accompanying Vietnam Clean Energy Forum 2020





3 / SHENZHEN GROWATT NEW ENERGY CO., LTD   4 / SHENZHEN GROWATT NEW ENERGY CO., LTD   5 / Electricity Southern Corporation (EVNSPC)   6 / City Power Corporation. Ho Chi Minh City (EVNHCMC)   7 / Thai Binh Duong Joint Stock Company   8 / PetroVietnam Construction Joint Stock Company (ALPHA ECC)   9 / Power Generation Corporation 3 - Joint Stock Company (EVNGENCO 3)   10 / Vietnam - Russia Petroleum Joint Venture (VIETSOVPETRO).

Mr. Hoang Trong Hieu - Deputy Head of Office of the National Steering Committee for Electricity Development

Speaking at the conclusion of the Forum, Mr. Hoang Trong Hieu - Deputy Chief of Office of the National Steering Committee for Electricity Development affirmed: In recent years, clean energy enterprises contributed a part to the electricity supply for socio- economic development, and at the same time, created jobs, environment protection, and substantially supported local social welfare. Today present leading clean energy enterprises are a clear envidence that: Resolution 55 with clear orientation and vision has begun to come to life.

Through this Forum, Office of the National Steering Committee for Electricity Development, Vietnam Energy Magazine will acknowledge the important and substantial contributions of the delegates, synthesize to make recommendations to the authorities. “We strongly hope that, in the coming time, state management agencies will consider reasonable proposals and will adjust and issue appropriate regulations and mechanisms to meet actual requirements, create motivation for clean energy enterprises to believe in investment and development ”- Mr. Hoang Trong Hieu emphasized.

Mr. Phan Quang Vinh - Deputy Sales Manager of Ho Chi Minh City Power Corporation (EVNHCMC)

Mr. Phan Sy Nghia - Director of Information Technology Company - SPCIT (Southern Power Corporation).

Ms. Vu Thi Thanh Van, representative of LONGi in Vietnam

Mr. Dang Trong Ngon - Chairman of the Board of Directors of KTG Energy.

Mr. Le Ngoc Hung - General Director of Mainstream Phu Cuong cum Project Development Director of Phu Cuong Saigon.

Mr. Do Hoang Phuong - Sales Director of Jiangsu GoodWe Power Supply Technology Co., Ltd in Vietnam.

A Representative of the HCM City Industrial Park Business Association (HBA).

Representative of Sao Mai Group.

Representative of Solar Esco Joint Stock Company.

Framework Agreement Signing Ceremony between LONGi Solar and KTG Energy.


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