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Vinacomin Conference for the Employees in 2023

 - On June 28 in Hanoi, Vietnam National Coal and Mineral Industries Holding Corporation (Vinacomin) held a Conference for the Employees in 2023.
Vinacomin Conference for the  Employees in 2023
Overview of the conference

Reporting on the results of implementing the Employee Resolution and the Collective Labor Agreement 2022, Mr. Dang Thanh Hai – Vinacomin General Director emphasized: Despite facing many difficulties due to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, energy demand increased, raw material prices fluctuated unpredictably; instability of the global financial market; The Covid-19 pandemic did whatever one like, but promoting the tradition of discipline and concentricity of miners, Vinacomin has united, overcome all difficulties, strive to have comprehensively completed the production and business targets in 2022 and has been considered the most successful year ever.

The turnover of Vinacomin in 2023 reached 170.7 trillion VND, equaling 130 % of the year plan, and 123 % of the implementation in 2021; contributing to the State budget of 21.61 trillion VND, an increase of 3.51 trillion VND compared to the year plan; The Vinacomin pre-tax profit (after audit) reached 10,396 billion VND, an increase of VND 6,896 billion compared to the year plan and an increase of VND 4,673 billion compared to the implementation in 2021.

Achieving the above results was due to the drastic and unified direction of the Group to its member units and the efforts of more than 94,000 employees of Vinacomin.

The Production and business development with the highest turnover since its establishment. The profit and payment to the State budget exceed the assigned plan; sufficient and timely supply of coal for power and fertilizer production contributed to stabilizing market prices while the world coal prices were at a very high level;

The material and spiritual life of employees was improved markedly.

In particular, Vinacomin has performed well in the responsibility of the employers through implementing regimes and policies for employees such as ensuring the stability of the job, and income, the welfare regime was continuously maintained and has a very high growth rate.

In 2022, the average salary of Vinacomin reached 16.8 million VND/person/month, an increase by up 23.6% of the year plan and 15.4% compared to the implementation in 2021;

The average salary of the parent company reached 18.7 million VND/person/month, increasing by up to 26.4% of the year plan and 20.1% higher than the implementation in 2021.

The Group has fully fulfilled the obligations of enterprises in the deduction and payment of social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance, and trade union fees; settle the sickness, maternity, occupational accident and occupational disease regimes for employees in accordance with the provisions of the labor law. The total amount of social insurance, health insurance, and unemployment insurance paid to the social insurance agency was 2,427 billion VND. Most units have set up a salary reserve fund for 2023 to stabilize salaries for employees. Besides ensuring salary, income, insurance regimes... The Group also focused on labor occupational safety and hygiene, improving working conditions for employees through the investment of new technology for production, and investing in advanced safety equipment to reduce labor intensity and ensure labor safety. Vinacomin also organized periodical health check-ups, implemented safety training, and visit and vacation regimes, to transport workers to work; social security work...

The employees can also participate in training and retraining courses to improve their professional qualifications; The employees also participated in the dialogue and contributed opinions under the rule of democracy.

Speaking at the conference, the Secretary of the Party Committee, and Chairman of the Member Council, Mr. Ngo Hoang Ngan highly acknowledged and appreciated the executive leadership and trade union organization for seriously and successfully implementing the goals and tasks proposed by the Resolution of the Conference of employees in 2022.

Mr. Ngo Hoang Ngan emphasized that the collective of cadres and employees of the Vinacomin will continuously strengthen solidarity and unity in the leadership and direction of Party committees at all levels, effective coordination between the Party Committee of Vinacomin with the Party Committee of Quang Ninh province and between the professional agencies and trade unions at all levels to implement the common task of Vinacomin.

We must well implement the market forecast for actively operating coal production and sale. To Innovate, create, apply new, advanced, and modern technologies, accelerate the progress for implementation of key investment projects, at the same time promote emulation movements, strive to fully complete the targets of the production and business plan in 2023, practically set achievements to celebrate major events such as 60th anniversary of the establishment of Quang Ninh province, 5 years of establishment of the State Management Committee at the enterprise, 55 years of Uncle Ho meeting with the Central Committee of the Coal industry, 87 years of Tradition of workers in the mining area - Tradition of the coal industry... At the conference, the Group honored 10 typical enterprises for employees in 2022 with a total amount of 1.3 billion VND.


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