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431,000 kWh saved from 2014 Earth Hour

 - According to statistics from the National Power Regulation Center, during the one-hour switch-off during the 2014 Earth Hour campaign (from 8.30-9.30pm on March 29), the power output saved of the whole system was 431,000 kWh, equivalent to VND650 million.

In March 29 evening, nearly 10,000 people, pupils, students and volunteers were present at the August Revolution Square participated in a ceremony to respond to the 2014 Earth Hour. With the message “Let’s act to make a greener earth”, the event was organized by the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) with support from the Danish embassy in Vietnam and the Electricity of Vietnam (EVN).

Addressing the ceremony, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Cao Quoc Hung said “I call on every organizations, individuals, families and enterprises to contribute in the fight against climate change by practical and specific deeds, not only in the one hour of this campaign but also continue to turn off unnecessary electrical devices throughout the year. By doing this, we affirm our efforts in protecting the environment and ensuring energy efficiency for the present and future.”

After nearly one month since the campaign was launched, it has attracted participation of about 5,000 volunteers with many activities like the Green destination and green school programs, drawings in teamwork with the energy efficiency and fight against climate change topics. In addition, two big pictures drawn by hand themed “Let’s act to make a greener earth” were completed; 5,000 local restaurants and enterprises pledged to respond to the campaign. A program for exchanges with ambassadors of the Earth Hour also attracted thousands of pupils, students and volunteers.

Vice Chairman of the municipal people's committee Vu Hong Khanh said 29 districts and towns of Hanoi have carried out activities in response to the campaign such as hanging banderols and putting up posters on streets, riding bicycles and advertising on radios of communes and towns. Especially, Hanoi City committed not to switch lights off only in one hour but would also perform other practical acts throughout the year like turning off unnecessary electrical devices, using efficiently water resources and discharging wastes in right places.

Vu Hong Khanh said “With high self-awareness, voluntary and responsibility, the participants have been forming a habit to protect the environment which contributes to responding to the Year of Urban Order and Civilization launched by the municipal authorities.

Not only working as a main sponsor for the Earth Hour campaign for many consecutive years, EVN has also actively participated in the event. In 2014, EVN called on its entire staff to respond to this campaign, instructed electricity companies to launch “Action month to save electricity in response to the Earth Hour campaign”, “Energy-saving and the Earth Hour event propagating Week” and “Energy-saving emulation movement among families”. In addition, electricity corporations and companies have actively coordinated with people's committees of other cities and provinces for a successful organization of the 2014 Earth Hour campaign throughout the country.

First held in Vietnam in 2009, the Earth Hour has become an annual event that brings effectiveness to the energy saving and environmental protection. With 431,000kWh of electricity saved this year, the campaign not only saved some of the power output but also contributed to raising public awareness about using energy in an economical way to reach a sustainable socioeconomic development and cope with climate change.

In 2009, the Earth Hour saved 140,000kWh of electricity; in 2010 it saved 500,000kWh; in 2011: 400,000kWh; 2012: 546,000kWh and in 2013: 401,000kWh.

Source: VEN


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