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EVN has exceeded foreign loan threshold

 - As information from the Electricity of Vietnam (EVN), the Group has a lot of difficulties in arranging investment capitals for the power projects has a lot due to it’s foreign loan capitals have exceeded the threshold guaranteed by Government (accordingly to the current regulations).

However, in recent year, due to implementing good confident partnerships with the international financial institutions as: WB, ADB, AfD, JICA, KfW… the Group already arranged a total ODA and preferential loan capital of $2.96bn, of which the signed value – $1.03bn, negotiated - $170mn and prepared for the new projects - $ 1.76 billion.

Besides, the international cooperation activities have also helped EVN to consolidate relationships with international partners in various fields. For example, WB and ADB continued coordinating and assisting EVN in long-term programs on finance, governance restructure, communication, renewable energy development and power infrastructure modernization.

The fact indicates that every year EVN needs an investment capital of $5-6bn with a lot of over VND 10,000bn projects. In 2017, EVN needs about VND 137,071bn comparing with VND 132,536bn in 2016.


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