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Exceeding mineral production targets

 - The Thai Nguyen Nonferrous Metal Joint Stock Company, a member unit of the Vinacomin - Minerals Holding Corporation (Vimico), has exceeded its annual targets due to prioritization of production mechanization, environmental protection and improvement of labor productivity and working conditions.
Exceeding mineral production targets

Delegates and the Executive Committee of the company’s 11th-tenure Party Committee (2020-2025)

Exceeding mineral revenue target

In 2020, despite the fiercely competitive market and changing raw material prices, the company reached encouraging achievements, including mineral revenue worth VND756.273 billion (0.59 percent higher than the year’s target), payment of VND126.96 billion in taxes to the state budget (11.94 percent higher than the target), a pre-tax profit worth VND71.95 billion (90.92 percent more than the target), and monthly employee salary of VND9.96 million per capita (10.95 percent more than the target).

In the same year, the company produced 12,200 tonnes of 99.99-percent zinc ingots (101.67 percent of the yearly target) and 18,085 tonnes of 96-percent sulfuric acid (107.78 percent of the yearly target) while selling 12,223 tonnes of 99.99-percent zinc ingots (101.86 percent of the year’s target) and 16,314 tonnes of 96-percent sulfuric acid (113.29 percent of the year’s target).

The company donated VND3 billion to social security funds in Thai Nguyen and Bac Kan provinces last year.

Monitoring market developments

The company’s Party Committee Secretary and Director Tran Van Long said the company's 99.99-percent zinc ingots, zinc oxide powder, lead zinc oxide ore, sulfuric acid, tin ingots, and cadmium oxide powder are reputable products that have carved a niche in the market and been highly rated by customers in terms of quality.

The company has monitored closely market developments to best manage production and sales, and strictly complied with state and local regulations, including those on environmental protection and occupational safety.

The company prioritizes production mechanization, environmental protection, and improvement of labor productivity and working conditions in accordance with its guideline “Safety, stability, efficiency and development” to fulfill its 2021 political tasks and targets.

The company will continue to innovate management, reduce product costs, step up technology innovation and modernization, strengthen mechanization, and apply information technology in technical management, operations and internal administration. The company will also promote automated environmental monitoring and speed up the implementation of approved projects.

Despite difficulties, leaders and employees of the Vimico - Thai Nguyen Nonferrous Metal Joint Stock Company are determined to fulfill or exceed the 2021 production and trading targets.


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