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Signing the contract for the package on constructing and installing Extension Ialy Hydropower project

 - On April 27, 2021, in Hanoi, Electricity of Vietnam (EVN) and the contractor consortium: Lung Lo Construction Corporation, Truong Son Construction Corporation (Ministry of Defense), Song Da Corporation, Vietnam Construction and Import-Export Joint Stock Corporation, LILAMA 10 Joint Stock Company held the Signing Ceremony of Contract for Package 37 (XL-05) - "Constructing and installing extension Ialy Hydropower Project".

Signing contract for the package on constructing and installing Extension Ialy Hydropower project.

The Extension Ialy Hydropower Project including 2 units with a total capacity of 360 MW (2x180 MW) and a total investment of 6,398 billion VND, of which, about 30% is funded by the owner’s equity and remaining 70% by the non-sovereign commercial borrowings.

The project is located in Ya Tang commune, Sa Thay district, Kom Tum province and Ia Mo Nong and Ia Kreng communes, Ialy town, Chu Pah district, Gia Lai province. The project expects to be started for construction in the first quarter of 2021, and put into commercial operation in the second and third quarter of 2024. EVN as the investor has assigned the Power Project Management Board 2 (PMU 2) to be investor’s representative.    

When completed, the project will increase dispatching generation capacity for meeting loads in the Southern system, especially during peak hours, to contribute to improving the operation mode of the power system (enhancing generation capacity for the peaking cover of the load diagram, increasing operational flexibility, reliability, safety, etc.), therefore contributing to reducing generation costs of the system, to using the most of water flow by minimizing the annual discharge of excess water , raising the annual average electricity output of about 233.2 GWh per year, contributing to reducing annual fuel costs, mitigating CO2 emission. Besides, the project will reduce the working intensity of the existing power units, thereby extend the lifetime of equipment, save maintenance and repair costs.

As representative of the contractor consortium - Colonel Tang Van Chi - General Director of Lung Lo Construction Corporation (Ministry of Defense) said: the units of the contractor consortium directly constructed many large hydropower projects in the country such as Hoa Binh, Ialy, Huoi Quang, Ban Chat, Son La, A Vuong, Krong Hnang, Song Tranh, Day HLinh, Srepok 3, Thac Mo, Buon Kuop, Buon TuaSrah ... and affirmed its position, prestige and brand name, especially in the field of constructing hydropower  plants.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Duong Quang Thanh, Chairman of EVN's Member Council said: The drastic direction of EVN, the determination of the Power Project Management Board 2 and EVN's professional boards has organized online bidding that helped shorten the implementation time for 2 months compared with the initial schedule for selecting the contractors. EVN requires PMU 2 to coordinate with the units of the contractor consortium to concentrate all resources, and equipment to as soon as possible start the project construction, especially to complete the dyke dam before the water accumulation phase of Ialy existing reservoir, to ensure the project progress schedule and quality; deploy HSE system (health- security- environment ) and strictly follow the control regulations to minimize the impact on the social environment during the project implementation process in accordance with the stipulations in the Contract.


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