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The policies of Vinacomin to attract workers in 2022

 - On December 24, 2021,Vietnam Coal and Mineral Industries Group (Vinacomin) held a conference on preparing human resources for production and business in 2022.

ccording to the report of the Human Resources Department, the current amount of Vinacomin employees is as 94,900 people, reducing 909 people compared to the beginning of the year, achieving the set target of not exceeding 95 thousand employees at the end of the year. The average salary was nearly 13 million VND/person/month, equal to 100% of the set plan. In 2021, Vinacomin expected to recruit 3,300 students with the professions of the underground mines (reaching 78% of the plan), among them 1,300 students achieved intermediate level.

Thus, although the plan was not achieved by quantity but, the quality increased by 50% compared to 2020. The cause of not an achievement by quantity was the Covid-19 epidemic impact and also by input quality increase of Vinacomin.

In order to attract more workers, in 2022, Vinacomin should implement many solutions on enrollment and training such as increasing the preferential regime for students studying at an intermediate level of underground mining to attract human resources in Red River Delta and North Central Regions, supplement training costs and wages during the continuous training time outside the flat rate price unit of the coal production stages.

The Group also will adjust the salary level of underground electro-mechanics. Accordingly, for skilled workers (chief workers) the monthly salary would be equivalent to the average salary of mining and excavation workers with mechanized technology for them applied a new salary as 21.2 million, an increase of more than 4.3 million per month compared to the previous level. For the electro-mechanics with permanent repairing work, the salary would be more than 19 million VND/month, an increase of 2.4 million VND/month.

Besides, to encourage workers with intermediate vocational qualifications up, for underground miners, the salary will be increased from 1 to 5 million VND/person/month. Particularly, for the skilled workers and electro-mechanics with permanent repairing work, the salary would be increased by 1-5 million VND/month, for electro-mechanics operating underground equipment with intermediate level up would be stimulated by 2 million VND/month.

At the conference, the leaders of the undergrounded coal production units, Vinacomin High College participated with opinions about recruiting, training and attracting pitmen as promoting mechanization, automation, improving working conditions for the pitmen.

In conclusion of the conference, Mr. Dang Thanh Hai, Vinacomin General Director emphasized that in 2021, due to Covid-19 pandemic complicated development, Vinacomin units attentively cared to employees, recruiting and training activities strengthen and the units made many policies to attract and hold workers.

In 2022, Vinacomin General Director recommended to deploy constructing collective house with full facilities for Nui Beo workers; Vinacomin high college and units to continue making the solutions for reducing the rate of students dropping out of school and workers leaving their jobs, the units to prepare the vehicles to transport workers during Tet (1/1/2022) and Vietnamese New Year. The units must promote useful time in working shift, reduce shift delivery time by applying information technology and reduce time for preparing production.

Regarding long-term solutions, Mr. Dang Thanh Hai suggested that the salary system should be considered the fundamental solution. The recruitment requires close coordination between Vinacomin high College and companies, experimenting with training in the form of "professional transmission"; continue to improve the optimal working and travel conditions for employees. At the same time, the units must be noted that in 2022, the output will increase, so the units actively try not to lack of labor for production, and ensure to complete the assigned plan and output.


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