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Vinacomin Production and business activities in the first 2 months of the year

 - Vietnam Coal and Mineral Industries Group (Vinacomin) informed that in the first two months of the year, thanks to the effective implementation all the work aspects, the production and business situation of the Group remained stable in the context of Covid-19 pandemic complicated development. The targets were finished in accordance with the set plans.

In February/ 2022, Vinacomin implemented exploiting 3.0 million tons of crude coal, equal to 7.7% of the year plan (YP), selling 3.1 million ton, equal to 7.2 % YP, digging tunnels of 16.010 meters – 6.2 % YP; producing: 122.000 ton of equivalent alumina - 9.4% YP, 7.720 ton of Cupper fine ore - 7.7% YP, 2.580 ton of Cupper boards - 8.6 % YP, 1.025 ton of Zinc bars - 8.3 % YP, 12,500 ton of steel rough draft – 5.7 % YP, 724 GWh of electricity – 7.5%YP, 4,500 ton of industrial explosives – 5.9% YP, 11,000 ton of ammonium nitrate – 5.8 % YP…

So, in the two first months of 2022, Vinacomin exploited 6.38 ton of rude coal - 6.14 ton of clean coal as an end-product, sold 6.69 tons of clean coal; took off 16.62 million cubic meters of soil and rock, dug up 32,577 meters of tunnels.

The production and business planned targets in mineral, electricity and chemical fields were completed. The total turnover of the Vinacomin reached 19 thousand billion VND, payment to the State budget reached 2.6 thousand billion VND and average salary of an employee reached 14.58 million VND/person/month.

Besides the results in production and business, in the two first months of 2022, in the occasion of the Lunar New Year Tree Planting Festival, Vinacomin employees planted more than 210,000 trees of all kinds on an area of ​​42 hectares in waste dumps, construction sites, along the transportation routes.

The key task of Vinacomin in March 2022 is to continue to strictly implement the Covid-19 pandemic prevention with a goal to actively control the disease and ensure production and business efficiencies in all situations.

In March 2022, the Vinacomin Group sets a plan to exploite 4.0 million ton of crude coal, sell 5 million ton of clean coal, take off 18 million cubic meters of soil and rocks, dig up 23.34 thousand meters of tunnels, produce 120 thousand ton of alumina and 800 GWh of electricity.


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