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Vinacomin maintains stable production and well performs epidemic prevention

 - Vietnam National Coal and Mineral Industries Group (Vinacomin) informed that despite April was a peak month in the Covid-19 pandemic prevention by direction of the Prime Minister on the social spacing, the Vinacomin maintained stably the production and business activities and also well controlled and carried out the pandemic prevention.


The production and business targets of Vinacomin in April were as follows: 

Producing 3.9 million ton crude coal and selling 4.0 million ton, producing alumina and hydrate equivalent to 115,000 ton, 9,319 ton of copper fine ore, producing and selling 963 GWh of electricity… 

For the first 4 months of 2020, the whole Group produced 14.07 million tons of raw coal, reaching 35% of the year plan, sold 15.89 million tons, of which 15.61 million ton for domestic market with 13.93 million ton for electricity generation, equal to 34% of the year plan and exceeded 1.9 million ton compared to selling amount in the same period of the last year.

The turnover of Vinacomin was estimated at 43,114 billion VND, the average income of a labor was 12.6 million VND/person/month.

Coal consumption reached 15.61 million tons; only consumption for electric households was 13.93 million tons, reaching 34% of the plan, up 1.9 million tons over the same period.

Total revenue of the Group is estimated at VND 43,114 billion. The average income of an employee is 12.6 million VND / person-month.

In the situation that Covid -19 pandemic is gradually controlled and the economy is recovery again that positively affects the activities of Vinacomin, the General Director suggested the new and appropriate solutions to promote production and business, and emphasized a number of the following main tasks:

Firstly, to continue focusing on the activities on leading to successfully organize the Party congress at all member levels, proceeding to the Vinacomin and Quang Ninh Coal Party Congresses.

Secondly, to maintain the rate of production and business.

Thirdly, to focus on solving difficulties for a number of the member units.

Fourthly, to continue promoting communication to spread the image of Vinacomin and miners - soldiers, forwards to welcome the 3rd Vinacomin Party Congress and the 5th Quang Ninh Coal Party Congress...

As planned, in May, the Vinacomin will produce 3.6 million ton of raw coal, sell 4.34 million ton; remove 18.8 million cubic meters of rock and earth, dig a total of 22,550 meters of the pit; produce 113,000 ton of alumina; 9,200 ton of copper fine ore, 1,100 ton of copper; 1,000 ton of zinc bar; 1 billion kWh of electricity; produce 7,300 ton and sell 10,500 ton explosive; produce and sell 17,000 ton of ammonium nitrate.




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